12 knowns may open all other knowns and even our known unknowns.

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“The Universe” as a totally-integrated System
by Bruce E. Camber (Working first draft) (Another key homepage)

Abstract. The question is asked if there are concepts, mathematically or logically determined, that could give rise to all other known concepts and also our known unknowns. Having come close to that conclusion in three prior documents, it was worth the time to explore further. In late June and early July 2022, scholars are being invited to critique such a point of view. The three related references, earlier postings, are as follows:
• Validating that which cannot be directly measured: https://81018.com/validate/
• Checklist: Acknowledge, consider, note, observe: https://81018.com/checklist/
• Mathematically-Integrated Model of the Universe: https://81018.com/presuppositions/
• Also see, Simple ideas: https://81018.com/idea/ and https://81018.com/15-2/


Hypothesis: Out of twelve-known primary facets of our universe come all other known facets and our discernment of what is unknown:

  1. 202 Columns of Numbers. The 202 base-2 notations do not need proving. It’s simple math. It’s Euler. It is what is. It needed the Stoney or Planck base units to start. It needs a dynamic endpoint which is recognized as “the Now” which is this instant, right now, today.
  2. Nested Geometries. Nested, encapsulating, embedded and combinatorial geometries can be demonstrated. It’s Plato. It is what it is. A key question — Is it scale invariant into the Planck scale? — needs more attention. Our position here is that it is, assuredly so.
  3. Spheres. Two vertices creating circles and spheres do not need to be proven; it is demonstrated.
  4. Pi: The ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter is the oldest, most-used, never-ending, never-repeating, mathematical constant, and transcendental-and-irrational number. It is the basis for most equations describing a fundamental principle of our universe, including automorphic forms, eigenvalues, Fourier series of periodic functions, group homomorphisms, asymptotic distribution of the prime numbers; harmonic oscillators; modular forms and theta functions; holomorphic functions and Jacobi theta function; Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, orthopositronium, modulus of elasticityarea moment of inertiaspherical coordinate systems (pendulum), fractals (Mandelbrot set), linear complex structure, conjugate harmonic functions, Shannon entropy, Cauchy distribution, and that list goes on. Pi touches all facets of our life. And, I take it further and say, “It touches every face-edge-point of our life.” The most unexamined role of pi is her active definition of continuity, symmetry, and harmony, and those qualities define the infinite and pre-condition the finite, everything, everywhere for all time.
  5. Continuity-symmetry-harmony of the sphere and infinity are observed as a quality. Quite intentionally, the finite-infinite relation is key. It is a necessary part of this discussion.
  6. The Gaps: Five-tetrahedral, five-octahedral, and twenty icosahedral. All are observed as facts of geometry. That these gaps have anything to do with quantum fluctuations is yet to be demonstrated; however, there is a natural logic to it. Using just clear plastic models, it is easy to see that these configurations amount to squishy or quantum geometry.
  7. Sphere stacking and cubic close packing of equal spheres is observed.
  8. Planck scale, Stoney scale, and any other scale (equally based on constants and universals) (see Ralston, etc) is necessary. It defines the starting point or first instance of the universe.
  9. 539-to-4609 tredecillion spheres per second is a simple calculation based on either the Planck or Stoney base units and an assumption that there is one infinitesimal sphere per base unit of time (Planck-to-Stoney base units).
  10. Perfections: An area of perfectly fitting geometries with no gaps defines a domain of perfection; and although unobserved, it is logically demonstrated.
  11. Now: The “All time is Now” school — it is all we can know with any sense of certainty. This redefinition of the very nature of time is logically defined by the dynamic 202 notations.
  12. Notation-202 is what it is. However, within this notation, at the current time, our experience feels linear yet it is mathematically exponential, and we experience dreams and our brains and minds act like a recompiler. By definition there are tetrahedral-octahedral paths that run throughout the 202 notations making connections virtually instantaneous.


Endnotes & Footnotes

There may be a few at some point in time, but not today! These points have already been made within many pages of this website.


References & Resources

As these references are studied, key references and resources will be added.

 Georg Cantor, Contributions to the Founding of the Theory of Transfinite Numbers, Dover, 1915 (Originally published in German in 1895)

• Listening to Infinity , 2019, Marcelo Gleiser et al.

• PNAS: Ard A. Louis, Iain G. Johnston, Kamaludin Dingle, Sam F. Greenbury, Chico Q. Camargo, Jonathan P. K. Doye, Sebastian E. Ahnert, Ard A. Louis. Symmetry and simplicity spontaneously emerge from the algorithmic nature of evolution,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022; 119 (11) DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2113883119

•  Tetrahedral-octahedral honeycomb– retrieved from Wikipedia, and Uniform honeycombs in hyperbolic space, retrieved June 15, 2022



There are always many emails to our scholars about these twelve points just above:

Alisa Bokulich, Boston University, June 28, 2022
Emily Conover, Science News (PhD, University of Chicago) June 28, 2022
Natalia G. Beloff, Jesus College, DAMPT, Cambridge University, England UK, June 22, 2022
Marcelo Gleiser, Dartmouth, NH USA, June 22, 2022
Frank Wilczek, MIT, Arizona State University, and Wilczek Quantum Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, June 14, 2022



There will also be many instant messages to thought leaders about these twelve points.

11:50 AM · Jul 6, 2022 @yurimilner You may appreciate this note to Nathan Seiberg: https://81018.com/2018/10/13/seiberg/#Second Essentially science — https://81018.com/geometries/ –had not seen a five-octahedral gap: https://81018.com/15-2/ and it just may be a missing link to a fundamental phase transition.

4:13 PM · Jun 15, 2022 @pagiraud We all change and grow up. I caught a page (a link to that reference was included) where you go vulgar to explain what you think is extreme integration. It’s not. Everything Everywhere FOR All the Time is who we are: https://81018.com/math/ Take a look at https://81018.com

4:44 PM · Jun 14, 2022· @ScienceNews Breaking free of incrementalism will require breaking free of our limited worldviews. We need to be working from within a highly-integrated view of the universe: https://81018.com/editors/ opens that discussion.

4:50 PM · Jun 14, 2022 @AlondraNelson46 Large segments of the AI industry are focused on privacy-enhancing technologies. Get five of the CEOs to advise you. More importantly, lead the way to break through limited worldviews: https://81018.com is our start on it. Also: https://81018.com/known/. Note: Nelson is the Deputy Director for White House Science and Society and the Office of Science and Technology Policy.



You are always invited. We will specially invite the science ministers from the @G7 Science Ministers Summit with @GabrielMariya of the EU, @starkwatzinger of Germany, @ChiefSciCan of Canada, @sretailleau of France, @MessaCristina of Italy, @kobahawk of Japan, and @alondra of the USA.



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