Limits to Science & Limited Worldviews

by Bruce Camber   Updated: Sunday, 20 August 2017

From Bertrand Russell, History of Western Thought, 1945

A key problem within our sciences today is that there has never been a fully-integrated system of knowledge. Silos of information appear to be totally unrelated and even at odds with each other. That intellectual disconnect bubbles up. Our philosophies, even religious beliefs, are impacted, and the disconnects become discord.

There has to be a better way.

A potential solution to this problem may be found within a novel system of measuring this universe starting with the Planck Units (an analysis). That project began in December 2011 in the geometry classes of a New Orleans area high school. Multiply the Planck base units (Time, Length, Mass and Charge) by 2 and each result by 2, over and over and over again, in just 202 notations, you have a most-simple scale of the universe that starts at the beginning of time and quickly goes up the 13.81+ billion years to the current time, today, the Now.

There is something profoundly magical within the power of 2. Those successive doublings, also known as base-2 exponentiation, are a natural inflation and the heart of cellular reproduction. There are 67 doublings before reaching the CERN-scale for a measurement of a length. Within such a rich array of potential mathematics, particularly all of the continuity equations and symmetry relations, one can readily imagine the actual forming and sustaining of things and life. We assume that deep within these 67 notations are innumerable transformation processes between that which is finite and that which is never ending and never repeating. Here are the seemingly infinite extensions of dimensionless constants. Couldn’t it all have begun with the first notation where space and time are infinitesimal, and the mass and charge are quite small? I certainly believe that it is well worth this exploration to find out.

Although I believe that this nascent model is endlessly fascinating, perhaps it is just too simple for most of the scientific and scholarly community. Perhaps the complexity of the infinitely-hot and infinitely-dense problems within the big bang theory is more attractive. For over forty years, the big bang was just another theory. It still is. But something happened back in the 1960s; the concept started to take root. Once it became dominant, enormous energies were released to develop it and to solve the many enigmatic conceptual problems that the big bang instantiates.

Criticism of the base-2 model has been slow. The most-pointed comment, more like a catcall, was “Idiosyncratic!” Of course, this theory is idiosyncratic; it also flies in the face of another historically-dominant theory, Newton’s absolute space and time. Interestingly, the chief advocate of each of these theories was a Lucasian Professor at Cambridge University (Newton, 1669, and Hawking, 1979).

The base-2 numbers seem to work better. An August 2017 article, Measuring an Expanding Universe Using Planck Units, is an analysis of just six sets of numbers out of the 202 sets. This scale of the universe, obviously all predictive numbers, takes Planck’s logic about light, space, time, mass and charge and creates a very new venue that opens one’s imagination in very new ways. This is the first of three articles to look at the numbers and ask about each, “What is this number telling us?

Another challenge for all those associated with the project is to focus on the thrust within this natural inflation and to answer the question, “What is within the heart of quantum fluctuations?” That is the second article and it is very much in process.

The horizontally-scrolled chart of all the numbers is a key. And, whenever you are on this site, that chart is just one click away, on the top navigation bar as “81018.” Usually there are several links to it from the articles within the Index, all attempts over the years to imaginatively engage those numbers.

This particular website — — began in September 2016. The first homepage and all the subsequent homepages are easily explored by placing your cursor over “HOME” also in the top navigation bar. There are many articles and I am sure some of them are a bit too imaginative!

Prior to initiating this site, these efforts were known as the Big Board – little universe project– The focus of that site today is primarily on work for high schools and secondary schools. Prior to that site, thoughts and reflections were spread out all around the web. The very first pages in January 2012 were part of our business website for our television series, Small Business School (aired throughout the USA on PBS-TV stations and then worldwide on VOA-TV and her affiliates). Right from the beginning, the question has been, “What is wrong with this picture? Might it capture reality in more fundamental ways?”

There is something profoundly wrong with our current scientific foundations and our suspicion is that the big bang theory and absolute space and time have us tied up in an intellectual conundrum and it is high time for a breakthrough.


So, to continue to sharpen our focus on the chart and our efforts and explanations to understand it, your comments, insights, affirmations, and especially your criticisms, are all most welcomed. Thank you. -BEC