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May 31: If the big bang whimpers away, does pi (π) emerge?
May 30: If he were alive today, what would Karl Marx believe?
May 22: All the Firsts of Time: From the PlanckSecond to just one second to Now
May 4: Most simple model of the universe starts with the most simple concepts
April 20: Hypothetical particles beg the question, “What is fundamental?”
April 4: Resolution to make our community and this world a better place
March 21: Pi (π), a key way to infinity
March 2: Pi Day is pointing beyond circles and spheres.
February 4: Infinitesimal Sphere or Inflaton?
January 27: Pi Defines the Finite and Infinite.
January 21: What’s best for the scientific method… de jure or de facto?
The beginning of 2023

Still dreaming, under construction, often password protected:
Spin: All cyclicity and periodicity is about spin, and the spin starts here.
Shell: Our shell particle is infinitesimally smaller than a core-shell particle.
Letters to Legends: Karl Schwarzschild and Arthur Holly Compton
 Foundational questions about dimensionless constants Password: FQ-2
Facts & Guesses Password: fg

The end of 2022
December 23: All Time Is Now
December 19: Over eleven years ago, from December 19, 2011 to this very day
December 6: Getting to know our Universe, the seen and unseen: An All-Natural View
November 23: Big bang versus Quiet Expansion: A Comparison
November 5: Hawking’s big bang theory has reached its limits. The Challenge …
October 25: An All-Natural View
October 8: Reason to Believe: Smoothness, First Minute, Fluctuations, Finite-Infinite.
September 25: Results from the JWST will put pressure on Big Bang Cosmology.
September 9: From a limited worldview to an integrated view of our universe
August 27: JWST Carina Nebula – Ontological and Cosmological Conundrums
August 4: A simple Model of the Universe
July 28: Eight Concepts toward an Integrative Universe
July 12: The finite-infinite starting point is an infinitesimal sphere.
July 10: …a fundamental building block of the Universe?
June 29: The Universe As A Totally-Integrated System
June 11: Concepts That Shift Paradigms
June 5: Let’s create a place to study the 202 base-2 notations. Re-engages May 6.
May 30: It’s a new way, much more-than-a-middle way, and a very good way.
May 14: Let Us Begin To Agree About the Basics.
May 6: Revisiting Aristotle: The geometries of quantum fluctuations
April 30: Highly-integrated, mathematical study now named, hypostatics.
April 15: Twelve Questions About the Start of our Universe
April 8: Points, Point Particles, and vertices: Think their singular, think again.
April 7: Hypothesis: Electromagnetism & Gravity Start Within the First Spheres (in process).
April 2: A simple checklist to understand how the universe started and grows
April 2: Re-envision yourself and this world in light of our universe.
April 2: Worldviews so limited, we all have got to begin to see the entire universe.
March 17: STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematics — also needs Logic.
March 14, Pi Day: Grasp the Universal – Live the Moment.
March 2: STEM tools and a Map of the Universe
March 1: “My View” Needs Mitigation.
February 26: An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin
February 6: The Known Unknowns. Like pi, your continuity-symmetry-harmony is unique...
February 1: Prove It to Me – Validating that which cannot be directly measured.
January 8, 2022: The First Particle – Structure of spacetime at the Planck Scale
January 2, 2022: Expansion of the Universe – Tredecillion Primordial Spheres/Second
January 2, 2022: First things first – Possible names for the first instant of our universe
The beginning of 2022

The end of 2021:
December 4, 2021: Almost there: This Model Works Today.
November 4, 2021: Questions, questions, questions
October 19, 2021: What is the smallest and what is the largest thing in the universe?
October 6: Eight “What if” questions
September 10: Virtual Reality Workshop about the Universe – Notations 0-202
August 20: Hope, Think, Wish and Wonder: My hope for you this day
July 20: Moon Day
June 10: Defining a new model of the universe
June 1: Redefine Space, Time And Infinity! June 5: An Oprah, Maria, Emma Edition
May 12: …how our universe starts and grows
April 12: Foundational questions about the beginning – Stand on the Shoulders of the Many
April 2 (initiated in December 2019): Homogeneity & Isotropy
March 23: An open letter to Princeton physicist James Peebles, Nobel 2019
March 14: Cold-Start versus Infinitely-Hot Start — Grasping the first instance
February 11, 2021: Power of Pi, Circles, Spheres — A Challenge for Pi Day!
January 25, 2021: The Essential Universe
January 13, 2021: Why is there so much trouble in our world?
The beginning of 2021

The end of 2020
December 26, 2020: The Mind, the Self, the Brain and Human Mystery
November 27, 2020: The First Instant of the Universe – Pi Circle, Sphere
November 22: These Six Key Pages Are Departures from the Norm
November 16: The Expansion of the Universe
Oct. 16: Change the Metaphor – Rewrite the History
October 16: Countdown – Minutes, Seconds, Nanoseconds…
September 23: This World Can Become A Nicer Place
September 18: Pi & Continuity – About the Finite & the Infinite
September 14: The Four Big Questions of the Website
August 25: Just a second! Another look at the first three seconds of the Universe
August 2
: History of the First Three Seconds of the Universe
July 20: Concepts & Ideas (Open for collaborations)
July 11 (Sunday): Request for a critical review of these assumptions and claims…
June 25
: Integrate Everything-Everywhere-for all time – End the Violence
May 24: Duped by Aristotle, Newton & Hawking
May 23: Infinite-finite
April 23
: Our Warm and Fuzzy Universe
March 24: We do not understand space and time.
March 8: Imperfection and indeterminacy
March 1: Claims
February 23: Mathematical perfections and  moments of perfection
February 9: 12 Key Concepts (A Re-initiated Homepage)
January 26, 2020: An Alternative View of the Universe
January 10, 2020: A Different Framework Defines the Universe
January 1, 2020: Still cutting a trail, years later, at the beginning of the year
The beginning of 2020
The end of 2019
December 21, 2019: This cosmological model has logic; the big bang has noise.
December 20, 2019: Wrong since 1687, we can start to get it right.
December 18: Impeachment Day, 2019 – To the New York Times
December 10
Accessing a comprehensive orientation to life and the universe
November 26: Missing pieces – a compilation of the last five homepages
11: Bridge the finite-infinite – a return to 1687
October 12: The most simple-and-comprehensive Map of our Universe

October 1: Simple Formulas – 12 points absorb the universe in 202 steps.
September: It’s been “top down” too long. It’s time to build from the “bottom up”
August 14: Improve on the work of our Nobel laureates
July 31: Transformations – Cubic close packing, period doubling, Fourier transform
July 14: Questions, questions, and more questions
July 2:
On The Nature of Time in the Light of those 202.34+ Notations
June 16: Gell-Mann said that our challenge is to get heard, believed, and taken seriously
June 9: Versus Lemaître – A different order of cosmology -simple, logical, exponential
June 3: Hattie is right… We’ve been wrong about too many important things
May 1: Defining structure from the insights of our world’s genius-scholars
April 28: Dimensionless constants: Either Finite, Infinite, or the Bridge Between Each
April 22: From atoms to particles to planckspheres
April 20: STEM – Seeking the edge of understanding
April 3: From the simplicity of pi to the complexity of E8
March 30: Just Maybe We Are Too Hung Up On Particles
March 25: Back to the basics – a different view of the Universe built with planckspheres
March 24: Start with an infinitesimal sphere
March 23: The Sphere: Our Most-Basic Building Block of the Universe
March 21: A Very Different Model of the Universe
March 20: An open letter – EPR and Bohm, Bell, Weisskopf, Costa de Beauregard, J.P. Vigier…
March 12: Five Assumptions About the Nature of the Universe – A New Orientation
March 10: Pi Day is March 14
March 6: Three Concepts, Each A Step To Redefine Our Universes
March 5: Foundations — The Universe As Extended Planck Base Units
March 2 (first time): The Universe Clock – The Age of the Universe in seconds
March 1: Assumptions/first principles to explore a Planck-based Universe
February 28: The natural inflation of our Quiet Expansion challenges the big bang.
February 24, 2019: Too Many Open Questions To Count. What is infinity? …time? …space?
Jan. 31, 2019: Might this simple model of the universe work?
January 8, 2019: This simple model of the universe: Debunk it or lift it up…
The beginning of 2019

The end of 2018

December 18, 2018: To Create Our Best Possible World
December 10, 2018: This Universe Starts At The Planck Scale
December 7, 2018: A highly-integrated, mathematical model of the universe
November 12: To grasp a new orientation to life and the universe is not easy.
November 4: No time for scientific elitism
October 31: The first three minutes revisited
October 26: An introduction to this website and our Chart of Our Universe
October 23: The Redefinition of a Point: Going back to the very beginning
October 22: What comes before Quantum Gravity?
October 20: Five short stories about pages on the website
October 14: Searching in the dark for Dark Matter and Dark Energy
October 12: What would you do with this model of the universe?
October 1: The first 64 notations out of the 202
September 30: Simple Logic & Math Render An Integrated Model Of The Universe
September 28: An Open letter about nature of light
September 20: “Gravity, Oh Gravity… Why Such Gravity?”
September 19: On Validating The Efficacy of our Model.
September 17: Open Letter (email) – Notes are sent to scholars everyday.
September 14: Your critical review is encouraged.
September 12: Questions – Frequently Asked Questions.
September 5: Commonsense – It is not common and it is not a sense.
August 26: Problems – We all must become problem solvers.
August 5: On embracing the functions of our Universe
August 4: Attitudes, beliefs, and conceptual frameworks
August 2: This Simple Scale of the Universe
July 23: Big Bang Theories Unnecessary In Light Of A Natural Inflation
July 16: An addendum to the Standard Models and for all algorithms
July 8: Compilations of concepts that could give rise to the 202 doublings
July 4: Revolutions: Foundational Concepts & First Principles

June 21: Emergence: Planckspheres, dimensionless constants, doublings
June 10: “Let’s Get Logical” Concepts For A New Beginning
May 18: Alternative to the Big Bang theory
April 30: Emergence & Growth from the first moment in time
April 21: More about emergence, growth, and imagination
April 18: Einstein’s Postulates
March 10: Redefining basic concepts
March 9: Pi Day
March 6: Goals of this center and this website
March 1: Planck units
February 1: On opening our definitions of the infinite and cosmology
February 3, 2018: Cosmology
January 27, 2018: What if
January 24, 2018: The team
The beginning of 2018

The end of 2017

December 22, 2017: Four thrusts of this website
December 19, 2017: Celebrating the sixth anniversary of this project
December 4, 2017: Big Board-little universe Exponential Universe · Quiet Expansion

November 30: Langlands Programs and a Standard Model of Mathematics
November 24: Fabric of the Universe: A never-ending blanket of the smallest possible…
November 18: Formulas, number generation, the perfections of circles-and-spheres…
November 15: Before we can understand the complex… We need to understand the simple.
November 12: Seven Reasons To Look At Our Unexplored Model of the Universe
November 11: A Tribute To Courage, Freedom and Chaos – Veterans Day USA
November 8: We live in an exponential universe.
November 6: Exascale begins at a quintillion calculations per second
November 5: On more fully recognizing the infinite
November 4: From a long and dusty road, we learn the rules for the road
November 3: Open Dialogue – “Can’t you see, we are in a dialogue with the universe?
October 28: Who What When Where Why – Highly-Integrated Model of The Universe
October 21: Simple Concepts, Possibly Too Simple To Believe
October 14: Facts and Guesses About Infinity and Continuity, Symmetry and Harmony
October 7: In search of a better model

October 5: Faces of space-time – Arkani-Hamid, Richard Feynman, Stephen Wolfram
October 2: Real Disruption Begins At Home And Within
September 30: Hypostatic structure starts between the finite and infinite
September 27: A few Reasons To Believe
September 25: Emails, Letters, and Tweets To Young Scholars
September 21: The Big Bang Is Wrong
September 17: Harmony and our universe
September 9: Symmetry defines our universe.
September 2: Continuity Defines Our Universe
August 29: The Thrust of the Universe
August 28: Eclipse Across America
August 21: Recognize The Infinite
August 12: Limited Worldviews – Limited Science
August 2: Measuring the Universe
July 24: Time Is Finite
July 23: Genesis and the All the Numbers
July 8: Everything for All Time
July 5: Table of Contents
July 4: On the Nature of Space & Time
July 3: Big Bang Cosmology Opens Us To a Dystopia
June 25: Big Bang Apple Is Falling
June 11: Put the Big Bang On Ice.
June 3: Continuity-Symmetry or time-space?
May 10: Report #3 NASA
May 8: Report #2 NASA SpaceApp
May 2: Report #1 on the NASA event
April 27: NASA SpaceApp Challenge
April 19: Hypostatic Way of Learning & Knowing
March 20: Universe Opens
March 11: Cognitive Dissonance
Feb. 26: Limitations-Imagination
Feb. 3: Understand the universe
February 1: In the beginning…
January 28: We all make mistakes…
January 24, 2017: Great Divide
January 19, 2017: Transformations
January 3, 2017: Big Bang On Ice
The Beginning of 2017

The end of 2016

December 25, 2016: Ubiquitous Light
December 22, 2016: Let there be light!
December 18, 2016: Kings & Queens
December 11: Integration
December 1: Universe View
November 7: Two Trillion Galaxies
November 1: Big Bang Nihilism
October 30: A letter
October 23: Big Bang Implosion
October 16: Finite-Infinite
October 10: Hawking-Guth
October 2: On Time
Sept. 16, 2016: The first homepage for http://81018.com

Prior to the beginning of this site http://bblu.org
was started, but it was designed for secondary schools;
yet secondary schools need validations from our scholarly
and scientific communities. Leading-living scholars need
to validate; they are the thought leaders for the world.

Too many over the years have been overly-confident and
a few have sometimes made condescending comments about
the work of others when their own work affirmed mistakes.
That slows progress.

A robust amount of work had done from December 2011 through September 16, 2016 within free blog sites however most of it has been consolidated with this https://81018.com site. Thank you. -BEC