Facts Are Always Incomplete & Guesses Sometimes Capture Deep Truth.


Facts & Guesses about Infinity


Fact 1: Continuity is a bedrock principle for logic, intelligence, and science. Without it, we know nothing.

Guess 1: Continuity is another word for infinity and some expression of continuity permeates our physical reality also known as the finite. Here is a face of our inertial frame of reference that will become known as time.  More

Fact 2: Symmetry is a bedrock principle that defines relations. Without it, we have no sense of a relation.

Guess 2: Symmetry is also another word for infinity and symmetries permeate every layer of our physical reality, also known as the finite. Here is the another face of our inertial frame of reference that will be become known as space or a length. More

Fact 3: Harmony is a bedrock principle for dynamics; it is our inertial frame of reference.

Guess 3: Harmony is another word for infinity and here expressions of harmony  permeate our physical reality and make us smile. Here is the third face of our inertial frame of reference whereby the incommensurables, transcendentals, irrationals — all the never-ending, never-repeating numbers — are extended (as Planck scale doublings) and become expressions of space and time.  More

Fact 4: There are just 202 base-2 exponential notations or doublings from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe and to the Observable Universe. This is an ordered, relational, comprehensive universe view.

Guess 4: This universe view instantiates meaning and purpose in life. The first 60 or so notations are the domains for pure mathematics, consciousness, ethics, philosophies, psychologies, and all other topics that have never been on a grid.  More  And more

Fact 5: Continuity/order, symmetry/relations, harmony/dynamics are qualities from the infinite to the finite. 

Guess 5: The finite is derivative; it all starts with numbers that are incommensurable, transcendental and irrational, those never-ending and never-repeating numbers like pi. All numbers build upon those symmetries and harmonies. Possibilities for new systems of numbers are opened with every prime number.  More  And more  And even more

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