Four thrusts of this website: Break free of the limitations of Cambridge University Lucasian professors, Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking.

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chart The first 72 base-2 notations out of a total of 202 create a simple grid-matrix-system for everything, everywhere for all time. It’s not a theory or vision,  it’s just math.

By Bruce Camber, Initiated: December 22, 2017 Most recent update: 21 January 2018

We are all human and none of us have all the answers. Some people are very smart, yet even they have limitations; that includes Newton and Hawking. Neither of them were aware of the following:

1. The 202 base-2 notations from the Planck units to the Age of the Universe: These doublings certainly suggest that we live in a highly-integrated universe.

We started working on a base-2 chart in 2011. Base-2 is simple, granular, natural, and symbolic. Of course, all other exponential scales of the universe work, yet the most informative create real boundary conditions by beginning at the Planck Scale and by going to the current Age of the Universe.  Base-2 with its initial simple symmetries readily enfolds all the others. Creating a very real parts-whole simple logic, it seems to me, if our dimensionless numbers do not work within exponential scales of the universe, we should be re-examining the nature of logic and numbers. Take any chart as a given (our chart), there are many substantial observations to make. The biggest is that our physical universe is finite and derivative. Planck Time is the first moment of the universe. Going up to the current time, this range defines the Age of the Universe. So, I believe it is long overdue that we all revisit Sir Isaac Newton’s absolute space and time.  It has been our “commonsense” view for centuries and I believe it has been truncating our scholarship since the 1687 publication of his Principia. Of courseI struggled with this conclusion, but this chart of simple calculations opens a challenging new perspective.  My struggle.  Chart.  Why now?

2. Follow this base-2 chart, step-by-step; our universe has a natural inflation.

This Quiet Expansion is a clear alternative to big bang cosmology. Although leading academics around the world have discounted the big bang theory, a clear alternative has yet to be accepted by their industry. Here is my proposed alternative based on the simplest math.  More. And more.

3. We could conclude that we live in an exponential universe.

Euler’s equation extended: Euler’s insight from 1748 is much larger than expected. What physicist Richard Feynman called “our jewel… the most remarkable formula in mathematics” [1] can be applied to the universe. By doing so, it re-opens the discussion about the finite-infinite relation. More… And more.

4. Space and time are not infinite.

See Planck’s formula for Planck Time. It is bound to light (c) and Planck Length. If that simple formula is true and it is logically extended throughout all 202 notations, we redefine space, light and time, and that necessarily calls infinity out to be redefined, too. More…  And more…

The near future.  I tried to turn to an old acquaintance, Freeman Dyson, to discuss the entire history of renormalization.  Dyson was born in 1923 and we had our first discussion in August of 1978  in his office at the Institute for Advanced Studies. His mathematics of renormalization will be reopened in light of the 202 notations. In so doing, our studies of the finite-infinite relation-and-dynamics can be re-engaged in what I anticipate will be significant ways. More…

My next task is to study that history to see if there could be a normalization independent of concepts of space and time yet reflective of all the work (both mathematics and physics) regarding  higher dimensions. Within the context of our exponential universe, the first 64 notations may just add new flavors and special light on some of those old discussions, i.e.  superstring theory and its 10 spacetime dimensions.

A geometry of imperfection and probability comes out of our studies of the pentastar (five tetrahedrons sharing a common centerpoint) and the icosahedron (twenty tetrahedrons sharing a common centerpoint). It appears to the not-so-deeply informed (me) that these same geometries are also responsible for quantum fluctuations. In the study of each notation and how each notation is necessarily derivative of the prior, we will continue to study and intuit the nature of these fluctuations. More…


[1] (Note: If this link fails to take you to his lecture 22, Algebra, please advise me. You will find the quote in section 22-6, the third paragraph from the bottom where he says, “We summarize with this, the most remarkable formula in mathematics… This is our jewel.”

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