Light In Our Universe

Center for Perfection StudiesThe Big Board–little universe Project • USA • December 2016
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Let There Be Light.

So Max Planck defines the nature of light in 1899.

by Bruce Camber
Planck Time

1.  That equation is from Max Planck and
    it defines what is now known as Planck Time (tP):
2.  Please focus on just that first equivalence.
    Planck Length (lP) divided by light equals tP
Planck Length Planck Time
3.  Multiply both sides by c and divide both sides
    by Planck Time; the simple equation tells us
    something magical about light and space and time.

NASA: Sunrise on International Space Station
First light, ISS

Light fundamentally defines the relation between space and time. And given that continuity is a first principle for order, memory, intelligence and logic, we impute that it is carried throughout every one of the 202 doublings from the Planck Time and Planck Length to the Age of the Universe and the Observable Universe respectively.

Please take a moment to look at line 10 within the horizontally-scrolled chart of the 202 doublings. You’ll start at the beginning of universe starting at Planck Time and you’ll see each step, each doubling, unfold right up to this current moment.

Within our model light permeates our universe within each and every one of the  202 clusters, or domains or doublings, or groups, or notations, or sets. One might hedge a guess that every domain uniquely defines a bit of who we are.  And, being a bit more speculative, one might say that each domain is more richly defined as the universe continues its expansion into what might be called, the infinite harmonies of life.

So, let there be Light!

The simple equation comes right out of Max Planck’s 1899 work when he first defined Planck Time, Planck Length, Planck Mass and Planck Charge. Divide each notational value of Planck Length (space) by that same notation’s value of Planck Time and you will always approximate the speed of light every moment along the way since the very first moment of time.

The scientific community has been working with these equations for over 100 hundred years; we are looking for any studies regarding the place and importance of this equivalence.  Do you know of anybody who has studied it in depth?  Our Google and ArXiv searches have not given us much satisfaction.  Contact…

Einstein showed us how light, space and time are inextricably woven. All of these numbers open a path to tell us so much more.  Although the simple logic goes right back inside the very definition of Planck Time and Planck Length, it appears that this simple equation hasn’t been verbalized, articulated and studied at any point within our academic or intellectual history

It is a long time coming.  So, yes, let there be light…     More

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean

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