Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright
Durham University, England, UK
One of her books that came to our attention: The Dappled World: A Study of the Boundaries of Science
Web page

Date:  Monday, 13 February 2017

RE:  Thank you for your scholarship about scientific models

Dear Prof. Dr. Nancy Cartwright,

Congratulations on a most distinguished career and for your journey into understanding the purpose of scientific models.

Our high school geometry class got carried away with base-2 notation from the Planck scale to the age of the universe; we found just over 200 notations.  We first considered it to be a good STEM tool but then that model continued speaking to us:

We’ve asked scholars around the world, “Does this simple construct of the universe have value beyond its simple STEM qualities?”  Of course, it is nonsense to many.  So many scholars are so sure they are right and all others are wrong, we readily agree with Kermit, it is not easy being green.

Science orients us to the universe, our world and ourselves. Most do not argue with it and most do not argue with big bang cosmology or even consider its solipsistic nihilism.

Now, our nascent model defines the epochs of big bang cosmology better than the big bang theory. Ours is more simple. It has real numbers. It’s 100% predictive. And, it uses a natural inflation and actually works without that bang!

Of course, re-conceptualizing space and time is a bit of a hard sell.  But, that’s OK;  I am not afraid to sell.

Classical mechanics is one system, quantum mechanics yet another.  In this nascent model, reaching toward wholeness, our best possible working analogue  is a superconducting state where space and time and light might be described as being at a higher level of synchronicity. Someday I may know what they means!

Thanks again for being an authentic scholar!






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