3.1415926+ (pi) calculated for over 100 trillion digits and it’ll never end.*

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Grasp the universal. Live in the moment.
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by Bruce E. Camber

Abstract: To grasp and understand the deepest dynamics of our universe, we begin with a mathematically-integrated view of our universe — 202 base-2 notations, from the very first moment of time to this very day, a duration of over 13.81 billion years and from where pi (π) generates tredecillions of primordial spheres per second (assuming one infinitesimal sphere per unit of Planck Time and Planck Length).*

Introduction. To make good judgements, it’s not the last 10 years, 100 years or 1000 years that are key. The first year of history gives us the most guidance.1 That first year starts at the very first instance of space-and-time. Of the 202 base-2 notations that outline our universe, these are the first moments of space-and-time, Notation-0 to Notation-169. That first year captures the most pivotal part of the history of the universe. It is all about basic structure, basic relations, and the essential dynamics of the universe. We necessarily engage pi (π). And surprisingly, within this process we also discover the inherent foundations of ethics and values.

Methods. Today’s logic, science and mathematics also tell us about these foundations. A basic structure, more simple than particles and waves, is an infinitesimal sphere. Yet, spheres can be very complex, i.e. that first instance, the very first moment of space-and-time approximately 13.81 billion years ago, is best understood through our oldest, most-used, least-understood equation that defines a sphere, pi (π).

Another key: What is not finite about pi and its spheres is, by default, infinite.2

Results. There are three aspects or facets of pi (π) that appear to qualify. And, in so doing, these three provide infinity with a very different look and feel: continuity, symmetry, and harmony. These are the “really-real” foundations of logic and scientific knowledge; these are also the basis for our judgements and even for our new insights. Eventually everything must cohere with the three otherwise it is deemed illogical, put on hold, and eventually thrown out.

Discussion: Analysis and Synthesis. When we rely on limited worldviews, we make mistakes. Yes, we can blame our little worldview for all our mistakes in judgment. To begin to understand an integrated view of the universe, we’ve applied base-2 notation to that first moment. The results, 202 base-2 notations encapsulate our universe, and forthwith, we have the beginning of a deeper knowledge and understanding of our universals and dynamics. We can assume one infinitesimal sphere per unit of infinitesimal time. If we use Planck Time, 539 tredecillion spheres per second are generated. With the Stoney Time, there are over 4605-tredecillion spheres/second.

Conclusions. Yes, all worldviews are just too small. Most of academic research is focused on Notation-202. We all need to be studying all 202 highly-integrated notations (doublings). The first 143 notations are largely ignored by the world’s populace. The first 64 notations have been largely ignored by most scholars. There is a relatively small group of scholars and scientists whose work defines those 64 notations but they have not yet linked that work to the other 138 notations that follow. Once they do, we will quickly discover how these 202 notations truly encapsulate the universe and we’ll quickly learn that our universe is exponential and it is only within our own little worlds that it is ever linear.3 Thank you. -BEC

For more, go to: https://81018.com/stem/



*Three key documents: The first was the chart of 202 base-2 notations. In 2011 it was the first time to see the entire universe mathematically-related from the first moment to now. We started looking for similar work but focused on Notation-0. In 2012, upon agreeing that the sphere is the most simple three-dimensional object, our studies of the role of the sphere and pi began in earnest. My much earlier studies of the perfections of continuity-symmetry-harmony were found within the sphere and this model began to reveal deeper complexities. 100 million digits of pi is the penultimate continuity equation! Langlands programs, string and M-theory, SUSY and other studies outside the grid quickly followed.

1 This universe. It is hard to comprehend how everything, everywhere for all time is encapsulated within 202 base-2 notations. Check the numbers, especially for the first year from Notation-0 to Notation-169. There is a special logic within this chart; it is a most-simple mathematics to outline our universe. There are three key functions of pi that appear to make our universe work — continuity, symmetry, and harmony. These three manifest within the finite and infinite. If any thought, word or deed creates discontinuity, asymmetry, or dissonance (anharmonicity), it runs against the very fabric of the universe and it is solipsistic, narcissistic, or worse (dystopian).

2 The Finite-infinite Debates. Just put all the historic talk on hold. The ubiquitous sphere gives us both sides of the story. The finite is measurable. The infinite is not. Don’t make it complicated. The infinite is continuity, symmetry and harmony. That’s the fabric of the universe. And, this is just a very basic level of understanding. The finite and infinite work together, hand-and-glove.

3 Exponential Not Linear: The entire Universe within 202 doublings. We all first learned to add and subtract. That’s linear. That’s earth time where we have a sense of the past, present and future. To grasp the essence, we have to learn to multiply-and-divide. The most simple is by 2. The universe is a system whereby the very first moment of space-and-time is still reflecting facets of the whole. The first second of time is not until after Notation-142. The first year of time is not until after Notation-169. The first 1000 years is within Notation-179. The first million years is within Notation-189. The first billion years is within Notation-199. Every notation is active. Every notation is constantly changing. There are perfections from within the earliest notations that change all notations momentarily. Everything you say or do impacts our universe. Notation-200 holds the second and third billion years. Notation-201 holds five billion years and finally our Sun and Solar System have emerged.

All notations up to Notation-201 add up to 5.4908 billion years. Notation-201 is 5.4908 billion years. That is 10.9816 billion years. The universe is estimated to be around the 13.81+ billion years mark. It would appear that we are within the first 2.83 billion years of Notation-202.

Again, for more, go to: https://81018.com/stem/


References & Resources

As this page is worked over, the references and resources used will be updated here.

•  Julia Collins, Why bother calculating pi to 62.8 trillion digits?, The Conversation, August 2021

With 32 decimal places, we could calculate the circumference of our Milky Way galaxy to the precision of the width of a hydrogen atom. And with only 65 decimal places, we would know the size of the observable universe to within a Planck length…
– Julia Collins, Edith Cowan University, (just north of Perth), Australia

• NASA/JPL Edu Online, How Many Decimals of Pi Do We Really Need?, March 16, 2016

NASA’s Dawn mission director, Marc Rayman, says, “JPL’s highest accuracy calculations, which are for interplanetary navigation, we use 3.14159 26535 89793…. The most distant spacecraft from Earth is Voyager 1It is about 12.5 billion miles away… We have a circle more than 78 billion miles around, and our calculation of that distance would be off by perhaps less than the length of your little finger” (using just 15 digits of pi)…



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@cnewf Pi Day came and it went. How does it impact your work at ISRF? It should. Pi carries with it continuity, symmetry and harmony; that’s a bridge between the finite and infinite. My start is here: https://81018.com/pi-day-march-14/ (this page) Is it helpful?

@CKinstitute If we are truly to stand together, we’ve got to break through our little worldviews and context thinking and decision-making on a highly-integrated view of the universe. Here’s a start: https://81018.com. You might also take a look at https://81018.com/vladimir/

@americanrep The next revolution will be to grasp the profound integration of all things, everywhere, for all time. We’ll begin to transcend our little worldviews and reach out for the rest of the universe until we transcend time: https://81018.com is a start.

@BruceCamber We cannot stand together until we get unlocked from isolating worldviews and begin to know the meaning of a mathematically-integrated view of our universe whereby everything, everywhere for all time coheres. A start is here: https://81018.com It is just a start.


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