What is happening this week?

The third week of September 2020

2020 by Bruce Camber  Note: If you would like to help, you can jump in on any one of these projects, discussions, updates, email campaigns, or sales campaigns; there is room for everyone.

Work continues today on the current homepage. It always can be improved!
There are many pages being developed; for example, this Silos page will eventually become a first-draft, then be posted as a homepage!

Homepages. Usually a homepage is up for less than a month. Each has its own unique URL.

4. Infinity. A new homepage will build on https://81018.com/infinity/. It has become increasingly clear that the leading scholars of the world are avoiding the concept of infinity. It is the elephant in their room. That seems a bit timid and in some cases, even dishonest. I’ll be doing more digging, especially with every scholar we’ve included in our two most-active working documents: (1) https://81018.com/silos/ and (2) https://81018.com/1-202/ Also, I’ll go back through every document within this website that touches on infinity to open a list of key questions to address this observation further. The most recent article is https://81018.com/infinity/

5. Time._Within the light of 202 notations (and given the current notation is 10.9 billion years and we have only engaged 2.8+ billion of those years), the approximate 400,000 years of human history is barely a speck of activity. Four hundred years ago is a flash, virtually current history, very much alive with us today. The direction of time within the current notation is a perception, like a sense… more clarity needs to be brought into https://81018.com/c/  The study of time was the homepage for the first weeks of July: https://81018.com/nature/

6. Other Homepages: Every homepage can be improved. The left and right arrows are being added to all prior hompages to assist navigation.

7. In light of the first 64 notations: Perhaps more work will be done on a summary of the state of our world and state of our Universe.

8. Within every plancksphere, there are two inherent activities. One is captured by the first image below. The others further below are new for me. Think of particles and waves, discrete and continuous. -BEC

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron couplet




Animation showing how the sine function (in red)

y = sin ⁡ ( θ ) {\displaystyle y=\sin(\theta )}y=\sin(\theta ) is graphed from the y-coordinate (red dot) of a point

on the unit circle (in green) at an angle of θ. ALSO:




Illustrating the cosine wave’s fundamental relationship to the circle.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sine

9. In light of the first 64 notations: Perhaps more work will be done on a summary of the state of our world and state of our Universe.

10. There are currently about 150 unique homepages. This work and this website began in September 2016.

UPDATE: https://81018.com/wikipedia-2012/