Camber, Bruce

San Francisco, 2018

Bruce E. Camber (goes to a rough timeline)

Big Board-little universe Project (STEM project)
Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science
Center for Perfection Studies
EPR Summary
Exponential Universe
Highly-Integrated View of the Universe
My Golden Rules, a 501(c)(3)
Quiet Expansion
Small Business School

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  1. Research:  Began December 2011 coordinating a STEM study program in a secondary school. Various Big Board-little universe webpages emerged.  The most active research is found here on this site. Various charts of the universe are here. The most current chart is:
  2. Producer:  Executive Producer, Director, co-founder of Small Business School, a weekly, half-hour television series that aired on PBS-TV throughout the USA and on the Voice of America around the world (1994-2012).
  3. Information Systems Consultant: Much earlier, he was an advisor at IBM’s Watson Labs and an independent consultant for the AS/400 Division and IBM’s chairman, Lou Gerstner.
  4. Research: Boston University. In his earlier research, he focused on the mind-body issues, the subjectobject problem, the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen thought experiment and paradox, and Bell’s theorem. In 1979 at MIT he organized an integrative display project with 77 leading-living scholars who addressed the Schrödinger question, “What is life?” from within the first principles of their disciplines. Scholars were represented from all the major disciplines from schools around the world. Here for the first time Camber used the terms, small scale for ontology, human scale for epistemology and large scale for cosmology and astrophysics.

Timeline: Camber, 1947-2019

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