We all begin within the Power of 2.


202 base-2 notations, simple doublings of the Planck base units, mathematically contain everything, everywhere, and for all time within an expanding universe.

The very first two: 1 – The Finite  2 – The Infinite

Key concepts:
• Planck Base Units (not a singularity)
• Doublings (The Power of 2)
• Natural Inflation (Base-2 Exponentiation)

Key Process:
Start at the Planck scale with the infinitesimal Planck Base Units – Time and Length, and the rather small Mass and Charge. Multiply each by 2, over and over and over again captures the thrust of the universe.

The Results.
Everything, everywhere throughout the universe, and for all time is contained by this most simple mathematics, all within just 202 notations or doublings, also known as steps, sets, layers, groups, fields, doublings, domains, dimensions, clusters, and archetypes. It is a framework of numbers. It may be considered by some also to be a framework for a theory of everything (ToE), especially when the three referenced articles (below) are complete.

Small-scale Universe. The first 65 to 67 doublings have also been called a grid, aether, and matrix. Faraday might have added the concept of a field and fields within fields. In this emerging model, taken all together, this domain is called the small-scale universe. Here begins the thrust of the universe. One of our many challenges is to begin to visualize each and every notation or doubling.

Human-scale Universe. The next 67 notations are called the Human Scale. If the focus is just on the Planck Length, all the “things” of human life are given their “space” or notation whereby “things” are uniquely defined with each doubling by size, from the particles, to elements, to DNA, molecules, cells, and all the things of our day-to-day living.

Large-scale Universe. Defined by notations 134-and-135 to 202, the first second of the universe is between notation 143 and 144. The Age of the Universe (perhaps even “the personality” of our universe) and the current time are being redefined every second, right now, within notation 202 as it evolves and within every other notation as everything, everywhere evolves.

The Now. In this model, it appears that all notations are constantly redefining the current moment, the Now. Everywhere throughout the entire universe, we share the same second. Nothing is past. With every change, every notation changes and our universe changes.
Indeed, you are the butterfly (Butterfly effect).

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Title: Everything, Everywhere Throughout All Time

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Saturday, July 15, 2017 USA

Within the current big bang theory analysis gravitational waves arise from within their inflationary period. The thought leaders ascribe a much faster-than-light expansion just after the big bang. And, that begs the question: What are the preconditions of superluminal events and motion? There haven’t been any answers since 1902 when Jacobus Kapteyn made his initial observations, and since the 1983 “superluminal workshop” at Jodrell Bank Observatory, and since the subsequent studies of microquasars, their accretion disks and such phenomenon as magnetorotational instability. It is all a very special language, logic and reality; the observational results are well-defined; yet, the most-penetrating conclusions, the mechanisms of meaning, are pending.

On Quantum fluctuations:

That which cannot be measured by standard processes today is dark energy and David Bohm may have described it best in 1957 (Causality & Chance in Modern Physics pages 163-164):

Thus, in the last century only mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, luminous, and gravitational energy were known. Now, we know of nuclear energy, which constitute a much larger reservoir. But the infinite substructure of matter very probably contains energies that are as far beyond nuclear energies as nuclear energies are beyond chemical energies. Indeed, there is already some evidence in favour of this idea. Thus, if one computes the “zero point” energy due to quantum-mechanical fluctuations on even one cubic centimetre of space, one comes out with something of the order of 1038 ergs, which is equal to that which would be liberated by fission of about 1010 tons of uranium.”