Let’s expand the grid and connect the Standard Model of Particle Physics and the Standard Model of Cosmology

Perhaps a bit of functional analysis will do it.

Speculating further, it seems the list of functional analysis topics and the glossary of terminology within functional analysis are keys to interpreting the first 64 notations and key intersections between the mathematics of (1) Langlands programs, (2) string theory (including M-Theory, F-theory, type II and offshoots), (3) supersymmetry (SUSY), (4) loop quantum gravity (LQG), (5) causal dynamical triangulation (CDT), (6) causal set theory (CST), (7) field theories, (8) spectral standard model (SSM), and (9) all the hypothetical particles. Of course, there are many thought leaders and dabblers (like me), working on the edges of our most seminal of scientific formulations. Some of the work of these folks will eventually be added.

We will all be learning key integral transforms! Eventually equations will no longer intimidate!

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