Our Universe opens with pi, a keyway for dimensionless constants.

“Pi (π) is a numerically-rich, universally-engaged, geometric,
dimensionless constant; it is never-ending, never-repeating, scale
invariant, irrational, and transcendental. Its very essence inculcates
continuity (numbers), symmetry (geometry) and harmony (dynamics).
It is the face of the finite and the perfection of the infinite. All these qualities
are necessarily among the most fundamental processes that define our universe.”

– Bruce E. Camber

This working statement above is a description of the essential nature of pi; and pi tells us that it is also a description of the essential nature of the universe. Even at that, this statement is a human construction so it is always subject to change.

There are a total of nine secondary pages (like this one).

An in-depth discussion about pi was written for Pi Day 2021: https://81018.com/challenge/

However, the very nature of pi (π) and spheres has been a constant discussion since this website began taking shape in December 2011 in a New Orleans high school.

Other key pages about pi (π) include:
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