Bokulich, Alisa

Alisa N. Bokulich

Director, Center for Philosophy & History of Science (CPHS)
Professor of Philosophy, Boston University
Boston, Massachusetts 02138

· “How Scientific Models Can Explain”, Synthese 180 (1): 33-45 (2011)
· Quantum measurements and supertasks. International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 17, 2 (2003), 127–136
Book(s): Rexamining the Quantum-Classical Relation: Beyond Reductionism and Pluralism (Cambridge University Press, 2008).

First email: Tuesday, 11 September 2019, 11:21 AM

Dear Alisa,

Your work, “How Scientific Models Can Explain” (Bokulich, A. Synthese (2011) 180: 33., offers hope for idiosyncratic thinkers like me. You have a wonderful sense of openness: Bokulich- Forest for the Ψ, “Exploring alternative formalisms for a theory, such as LQH…” (page 3).

Long ago, way back in 1971 I became a groupie of CPHS; and, Robert S. Cohen and Wartofsky became de facto mentors. In 1972, I was often invited to the pre-lecture dinners and was often sat next to the speaker. I was so full of questions and most often quite appreciative of the invited scholar’s work. I was a youthful decoy before the well-known onslaught of questions and rather pointed comments after the speaker’s formal delivery. At that time I was part of a think tank (Synectics) across the river where we tried to fully engage and absorb another’s ideas. After a session was over, Bob, watching my naivete in action, would very gently encourage me to stay my course.

There is a much larger story here, but that can wait for another time.

I just wanted to say hello and thank you for carrying on a rich tradition. My best wishes are with you.

Most sincerely,