Request for a critical review of these claims: Mathematically-Integrated Model of the Universe, aka Quiet Expansion or Integrated UniverseView


Many statements start with “Among those who claim…”
then conditionally,”Apparently the first…”

We take as a given our first mathematically-integrated, simple model of the universe from the first instant to the current time in 202 base-2 notations. More… It all began on December 19, 2011.

  1. Among those who claim that the universe starts with the Planck base units of time, space, mass and energy  More…

  2. Apparently the first to map the universe everything, everywhere for all timewithin 202 notations or doublings, domains, groups, layers, jumps, ratios, sets or steps from Planck Time at the beginning to the current time today
  3. Among those who claim the sphere, initially called the Plancksphere, is the first expression of physicality to begin to define the universe (2018)

  4. Among the first to claim that these spheres instantiate the finite from the infinite (2016)
  5. Apparently the first to claim that cubic-close packing of equal spheres is the first functional activity within the universe (2019)

  6. Among those who claim that sphere stacking begins the expansion of the universe
  7. Among others we claim cubic close packing of equal spheres at the Planck scale opens the functionality inherent within the Poincare sphere and the Fourier transform.

  8. Apparently the first to claim that the totality of these spheres from the first notation through to the 202 notation account for dark energy and dark matter (2018)
  9. Among the first to claim that the infinite is defined by continuity (order), symmetry (relations) and harmony (dynamics) (1972)

  10. Possibly the first to claim that values and ethics are the byproducts of this redefinition of the infinite (just above, #9)
  11. Apparently the first to claim that by the first second of the universe, which is within Notation-143, the temperature of the universe would have become hot enough to initiate the quark-gluon plasma

  12. Possibly the first to claim that the first 64 notations are the domain of string theory and Langlands programs and that these two conceptual frameworks can be mathematically integrated within these first 64 notations
  13. Among those who claim that  the 7.35+ degree gap of just five tetrahedrons is the beginning of quantum fluctuations, individuality, creativity, and consciousness

  14. Apparently the first to recognize Max Planck’s simple formula for Planck Time renders a calculation for the approximate speed of light, 299,792,437.99 m/s which was within .001% of the 1975 ISO affirmed measurement of 299,792,458 m/s in a vacuum
  15. Apparently the first to claim there is a domain of perfection in the physical world that exists before quantum fluctuations and indeterminacy

  16. Among those demythologizing the concept of a singularity  More…
  17. Apparently the first to suggest time’s illusions and asymmetry exists only within Notation-202

  18. Among the first to place consciousness and sleep on a grid that includes everything, everywhere for all time, and that sleep is like the recompile of a computer, but is individual
  19. Among those who suggest that, as Base-2 encapsulates the universe, base-3, base-5, base-7, base-11 and all other possible bases define what have been called wormholes or shortcuts throughout the universe.

  20. Among those who say, “Euler was right. The universe is foundationally exponential.”

Another earlier view of these claims

Within this model of the universe, all 202 notations are active today in a similar fashion as they did when each notation started to become manifest.

There will be more rather unusual claims that will be added over time.  Thank you  -BEC

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