Worldviews are archaic. We all need an integrated view of the universe.

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An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin
Initiated: Thursday, February 24, 2022 Posted: Saturday, February 26, 2022
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Dear Vladimir Putin:

To grasp and understand the deepest dynamics of our universe, we need to begin with a mathematically-integrated view of our universe.

To make good judgements, it’s not the last 10 years, 100 years or 1000 years that matter. The first year of history gives you the most guidance.1 That is the first year from the first instance of space-and-time. It captures the most pivotal part of the history of the universe. Here we begin to learn about structure, basic relations, and the most-essential dynamics of the universe. Here, too, are the foundations of ethics and values.

Today’s logic, science and mathematics also tell us about these foundations. A basic structure, more simple than particles and waves, is an infinitesimal sphere. Yet, spheres can be very complex, i.e. that first instance, the very first moment of space-and-time approximately 13.81 billion years ago, is best understood through our oldest, most-used, least-understood equation that defines a sphere, pi (π).

Another key: What is not finite about pi and its spheres is, by default, infinite.2

There are three aspects of pi (π) that qualify. In so doing, these three redefine infinity — these are continuity, symmetry, and harmony. These are the “really-real” foundations of logic and scientific knowledge; these are also the basis for our judgements and even for our new insights.

Unfortunately we have been relying on very limited worldviews and we make mistakes. Blame your worldview for your mistakes in judgment. To begin to understand an integrated view of the universe, apply base-2 notation to that first moment. The results are the beginning of a deeper knowledge and understanding of the universe.

Yes, all worldviews are just too small.

Learn about the 202 highly-integrated, notations (doublings) that encapsulate the universe. You’ll quickly learn that our universe is exponential and not linear.3

UNESCO is the UN’s Organization to promote peace through Education-Science-Culture. I wrote to Audrey Azoulay, the Director General, on Friday morning, February 25. I will write to others within Russia and throughout the world (see below) until we are able to confer with you and your people within the Kremlin to consider a new vision for this day, for you all, and for Ukraine.

I have communicated with you in the past; some of those emails are linked from this page.

Time is of essence. People are hurting, screaming, and dying. Your soldiers are among them. As each minute goes by, you destroy a piece of the goodwill of Russia. And, to be part of our human family, you need all the goodwill you can get. You want people to like you, know you, and trust you. You want people to feel welcomed to come to visit you.

You are sitting on a goldmine unlike any oil-and-gas field. So, to reverse the decline of goodwill and to stop the bleeding in Ukraine, (1) stop the war and (2) start the healing process. You will now have to spend a fortune to begin helping the Ukrainians rebuild their country, bury their dead, and heal those wounds.

Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. You need help. You’ve lost it. Nobody wants to be a fool, a madman, or a pariah. Every bomb that is detonated, every shot that is fired, brings you and the Russian people deeper into such a status. You could so taint the word, Russia, your eastern oblasts become anxious, “Is there any possible way to re-engage the global community?” Are you looking to your east? How many countries might there be if they began splintering off Russia? Be very careful. You could begin writing a history that is the antithesis of what you had imagined. -BEC



1 This universe. It is hard to believe that everything, everywhere for all time can be encapsulated within 202 base-2 notations. Check the numbers. This is the most-simple mathematics to encapsulate the universe, all in just 202 doublings, steps, or notations. The first year takes us from Notation-0 to Notation-169. Here we discover key functions that make our universe work — continuity, symmetry, and harmony. Instead, your decisions have created discontinuity, asymmetry, and no harmony. You are running against the very fabric of the universe. You will be forever known for these times as a solipsistic madman, pariah and worse. You are debasing the best within the legacy that is Russia.

Instead of expanding your country, it could now begin to come apart. You need help.

2 The Finite-infinite Debates. Just put all the historic talk on hold. The ubiquitous sphere gives us both sides of the story. The finite is measurable. The infinite is not. Don’t make it complicated. The infinite is continuity, symmetry and harmony. That’s the fabric of the universe. That’s a first level of understanding. The finite and infinite work together, hand-and-glove.

3 Exponential Not Linear. We all first learned to add and subtract. That’s linear. That’s the present time. That’s right Now. To grasp the essence, we have to learn to multiply-and-divide. The most simple is by 2. The universe is a system whereby the very first moment of space-and-time is still reflecting facets of the whole. The first second of time is not until after Notation-142. The first year of time is not until after Notation-169. The first 1000 years is within Notation-179. The first million years is within Notation-189. The first billion years is within Notation-199. Every notation is active. Every notation is constantly changing. There are perfections from within the earliest notations that change all notations momentarily. Everything you say or do impacts our universe. Notation-200 holds the second and third billion years. Notation-201 holds five billion years and finally our Sun and Solar System have emerged.

All notations up to Notation-201 add up to 5.4908 billion years. Notation-201 is 5.4908 billion years. That is 10.9816 billion years. The universe is estimated to be around the 13.81 billion years mark. It would appear that we are within the first 2.83 billion years of Notation-202.


References & Resources

There are many references to cite that will help to clarify this period in our world’s history. These will be among the last things to be added to this page. It is a horrible time for us all and it is high time to begin to grasp the history of the Russian people and the path that created a person like Vladimir Putin who somehow has come to believe that his perspective is not only correct, but one that can justify the utter destruction of people and their history.

I have turned for insights to the global development banks with which Russia has been associated.


Communications: Emails and Instant Messages

The first communications since the unfolding of this homepage were to a few of our world leaders. This collection of ten images was created in January 2021, a time of increasing tensions in the USA over the election results. It is remarkable to me that these people who have such access to Vladimir Putin were not able to reverse the course of his history, that of the Russian people, and the Ukrainians.

Saturday, February 26, 2022:

@Pontifex Putin needs an integrated view of the universe to break through his narcissism: All our world leaders do: We all do:

Plus: @MFA_China @ABaerbock (Annalena Baerbock, Foreign Minister, Germany)

Sunday: 27 February 2022

@KremlinRussia_E We all need an integrated view of the universe to understand our really real realities. So I wrote this letter to Vladimir Putin: (this page)
All world leaders need to understand:
We all do:

Plus: @xijinping_x – President of the People’s Republic of China & General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, @MFA_Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, @Russia, @MedvedevRussiaE – Dmitry Medvedev – Deputy Chair of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, @OlafScholz German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, @vonderleyen – Ursula von der Leyen – President of the @EU_Commission, @BelarusMFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, @MoldovaMFA Foreign Ministry of Moldova, @sandumaiamd – Maia Sandu – President of the Republic of Moldova, @natgavrilitaNatalia Gavrilita – Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, @PresALukashenko – Dictator President of Belarus, @MinPres Prime Minister of the Netherlands, @Zourabichvili_S – Salome Zourabichvili – President of Georgia, @GovernmentGeo, @WHO, @trussliz UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, @AndrewBatesNC, @American_Bridge, @POTUS, @FLOTUS, @PressSec, @RustyVanneman,

@Skoltech Worldviews fail us. We all need an integrated view of the universe to understand our deepest realities. As a result, I wrote this letter to Vladimir Putin: All world leaders need to understand: especially ethics:

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

@DavidMalpassWBG Can’t you get on the telephone with Putin and offer him a deal that he can’t refuse. He’s killing his country, too. Their historic goodwill is evaporating quickly. Here’s a possible offer: Thanks. -Bruce

Thursday, March 3, 2022

@Oprah You could call Putin and tell him to stop the madness. I can’t; you can. All I can do is tweet to him. You could make a deal. Here’s my little attempt: This homepage is rougher:



After some adaptation of the David Malpass World Bank Group tweet above, emails were sent to a few leaders of development banks around the world. Here is the heart of SWIFT banking.
Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director, IMF, International Development Association (IDA)

More to come:

• Asian Development Bank (ADB), Masatsugu Asakawa, President. [{81018}]
• Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Jin Liqun, President [{81018}]
• Eurasian Development Bank (EDB), Nikolai Podguzov, Chairman of EDB [{81018}]
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), Odile Renaud-Basso, Pres. [{81018}]
European Investment Bank (EIB), Dr. Werner Hoyer, Director General
International Investment Bank (IIB), Nikolay Kosov, Chairman
New Development Bank (NDB once BRICS Development Bank), Marcos Prado Troyjo, President
• The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), Zhang Ming, Secretary-General
• World Bank/International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva Managing Director [{81018}]


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