Upon discovering the work of Roberto Mangabeira Unger…

Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts


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Second email:  Tuesday, 4 October 2016

RE: Nihilism and the lack of an integrated universe view

Dear Prof. Dr. Roberto Unger:

Thank you for your work on  Beyond Nihilism: Directions in the Spiritual History of Mankind.

In December 2011 we “fell into” an integrated view of the universe that started with the Planck base units and went to the Age of the Universe in just over 200 base-2 notations.     ( https://81018.com/chart )

We believe that was a first for a base-2 progression. It is simple. It is mathematically integrated. And, it just may be a clear alternative to the big bang (and the big bang nihilism).  Most of the people at your conference, Time in Cosmology, at the Perimeter Institute accept the place of the big bang as a given.

To help our students and to attempt to context that diverse dialogue, I have created a few links to the conference and to your work.  There currently are three key pages. First, there was a brief overview of the conference on our homepage, http://81018.com and now, https://81018.com/2016/10/02/2october2016/

There is also this page on the conference:

Our general overview page to your work is here:

If there is anything you’d like changed, please just say the word! Thanks.

Now, thinking about time and the large-scale universe, perhaps another conference could be entertained, Time in the small-scale and human scale universe. In less than a second, the universe within this base-2 model has already expanded well in to the large-scale universe. Of the 200 notations, the first second from Planck Time is within notations 144-145. The first day (86400 seconds) is between notations 160 and 161. A light year is between notation 168 and 169. That’s cosmology.

If we engage the numbers generated using base-2 from the Planck base units, it all appears to expand rather quietly right out beyond the need for a big bang.


* * * *
Bruce Camber
New Orleans

PS. Yes, I know how naive and idiosyncratic our work is. The simplicity of the logic and math, however, has caught our attention. The numbers seem to speak louder than words. Although temperature is a problem, I think in time we’ll be able to adjust that line of figures with some kind of “reasonable” rationale, perhaps a different algorithm. -B


First email: January 1, 2015

Roberto Mangabeira Unger
Roscoe Pound Professor of Law

Dear Prof. Dr. Roberto Unger:

I read with great interest your recent work with Lee Smolin.  You may
find two of our very unusual conclusions to be of some interest.

From our work within a high school in New Orleans, we have begun to
believe that there is an ethical bias deep within the very fabric of
the universe:  https://81018.com/values/

Also, regarding time, we ask, “Might time simply be a sense of time?”
Within our work time appears to be derivative.  Planck Time provides
the beginning and the Age of the Universe provides the end of a very
finite scale.  There are just 202.34 base-2 exponential notations from
beginning to end; and as you might anticipate, the Planck Length and
Planck Time track well together.  Though I had not see this chart
until we created it, you might find it to be of some interest.
https://81018.com/2016/09/28/81018/   https://81018.com/home/

When just a kid in the ’50s, I grew up playing childhood games
throughout the areas of the Law School, Jefferson Lab and the Peabody.
So much has changed!

Best wishes for the New Year.

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber

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