Squishy or quantum geometries within an idealized Euclidean base

Theoretical physics and theoretical geometries:  Squishy or quantum geometries necessarily involve the five-tetrahedral gap or the five-octahedral gap or both together. It is a dynamic interface between perfected geometries with no gaps and the Standard Model for Particle Physics. Although just a conjecture or a speculative hunch, this domain is possibly best defined by Notation-50 though to Notation-80 where the Periodic Table begins. Further conjectured is that the physical phenomena at distance scales based on the Planck length define perfected or “no-gap” geometries in a range between Notation-1 and Notation-50. It is believed that quantum fluctuations may readily surge down into Notations 50-to-30 and that a perfected state can surge all the way up into Notation-202.
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•  Started: June 13, 2022. Much more to come

•  Quantum fluctuating geometries and the information paradox, Rodrigo EyheraldeMiguel CampigliaRodolfo GambiniJorge Pullin, 2017