What if the universe is highly-integrated from the smallest to the largest possible measurements of length, time, mass, and charge!?!

chart202 notations create a grid for everything, everywhere for all time. It’s not a theory or vision; it’s just math.

What if

…the universe is best described by Euler’s equations!?! What if we live in an exponential universe!?! Stephen Hawking says in his 2016 PBS-TV series, Genius, “Everything in existence (is) expanding exponentially…”

But, what if

Hawking was actually wrong when he said that it all started from , “…an infinitely hot point”?

What if…

… the universe started cold and infinitesimally small at the Planck base units of Length and Time, and with the very small Planck Mass and Planck Charge, and this universe is indeed quietly expanding exponentially?

What if…

…a new chart emerges from the Planck Time to the Now of the Age of the Universe and it has just 202 base-2 notations? There is enough granularity to see that the numbers cohere and are logical. More

What if

What if

…this natural inflation works for electroweak baryogenesis within the current Standard Model of Big Bang cosmology? The two parts of the big bang theory being discounted are the initial conditions and the Inflationary Epoch. The new chart posits credible concepts and numbers for the expansion to the baryogenesis and quark epochs and then to the current time.

Yes, what if we’ve had it wrong since 1716 when Leibniz “forfeited” the debate — he died — to Newton regarding absolute space and time and space-time-light are all profoundly relational?

Note: The first second of the universe emerges between notations 143 and 144 where the Hadron Epoch picks up out of the total 202 notations to the current Age of the Universe.

Keys to unlock this paradigm shift:  Foundations, Index, Logic, Principles, Universe Clock


First homepage: January 26, 2018

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