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By Bruce Camber, August 28, 2017  Date of the Total Eclipse: Monday, 21 August 2017  Prior Homepage

Life Is Short, Art Long… Many people said, “So what?” because a solar eclipse is a readily-understood and a relatively-common phenomenon. Yet, many other people went out of their way to participate; and when it was over, some waxed euphorically, “Amazing.” “Sensational.” “Life-changing.”  It is all of that and more when you change your point of view.

Within the context of the Big Board-little universe project, also known as the Quiet Expansion and the UniverseView, these kinds of events are important and can be life changing because our small worldviews are challenged; and, if we are stretched to consider the bigger picture, especially an integrated view of the entire universe, a vault of creativity may be unleashed.

Your views are important. The way you see yourself and the meaning and value of your life is a key to empowerment; and without robust views upon which you can build, your vision will remain small. You put yourself at risk of not developing your greatest potential. So, at the very least, we all need to see and grasp our solar system. We ought to have images of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Though most of us will go no further (and even the Milky Way will remain a bit fuzzy), we all can go so much further. We can truly grasp the entire universe.

Yes, you can readily grasp the known and an unknown universe and it is important that each of us does. This universe is so precisely ordered and mathematical, who you are and what you do actually makes a difference in how this universe performs. Of course, that is hard to believe, but once you see how surprisingly intimate the universe is, you will begin to understand how important you are.

Science has given space and time too much space and time, so much so most of us feel inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Nurturing mothers tell their children, “You have unique gifts and talents,” and that child is encouraged to build on them. That is true for all children. Not only do you have those gifts and talents, each of us has a sliver of genius and a certain potential for greatness. Our life’s work is to discover and uncover our greatest gifts, to develop those talents, and to make our day-to-day living a very special form of art.

You are not inconsequential.

There are just 202 steps from the exquisitely small measurements of a largely unknown universe up 101 steps to the thickness of your hair, and then 101 more steps out to the edges of the known universe. Just 202 doublings encapsulate the entire universe within a simple mathematical grid that elementary school children have understood. Eclipse: 2017-08-24 at 5.27.19 PM

These doublings have a technical name, base-2 exponential notation. Between notations 152 and 153 is the distance between the sun and earth, approximately 149,597,870,700 meters (150 million kilometers) or about 93 million miles. As light travels, this is the distance that the moon broke into on Monday, August 21. It was a very local event, yet it demonstrates to us how inter-related it all is, earth-and-moon systems to solar systems. In just 50 additional notations, in 50 additional doublings, we include all the galactic systems, then all superclusters, then everything in the universe and we begin to see how everything is connected to everything.

Yes, it is true what Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC), said, Life Is Short, Art Long so we conclude, Make Your Life A Work Of Art.


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