A Few Reasons To Believe


This Base-2 View of the Universe Is Mostly About an Unexplored Very-Small-Scale Universe

Earthview from ISS

1. There are 202 notations from the earliest beginnings within the Planck scale to our Current Time. Did you know that to go from Planck Time to the very first second of the universe requires 143 notations or doublings of the Planck Time?

This very small-scale universe is where the scholarly community is most speculative. They have the least to say about structure. The base-2 model is all simple math. It is 100% predictive. The first million years is between notations Notations 188 and 189. Within big bang cosmology the concepts that define the first epochs are speculative.

View all 202 notations… The first billion years is between Notations 198 and 199. Finally large-scale structures have begun to emerge and actual measurements within astrophysics can be applied.

2.  The first 67 notations have not yet been explored. It is a rich arena to test every possible mathematical combination that might, by the next doubling, naturally build upon all prior notations. Historically, the scientific community has compressed this domain so tightly, doors for possible explorations could not even be seen. We call it a hypostatic structure; and of course, this study is in its very early-stages…

3. The challenge is to define space and time and the finite-infinite more richly. The scholarly community has long been puzzled by these two challenges. Notwithstanding, it is long overdue that all the world’s people become involved in the discussion. There is too much hostility, arrogance, and rudeness throughout all our communities to ignore these questions any longer. So examine the possibilities…

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