The world wide web obviously connects the world. There are many much finer grids that interconnect literally everything, everywhere, for all time.

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This Universe Is Planck-Scale Refined
What You Think Actually Makes A Difference

by Bruce E. Camber Related: The ThreeHistoryExpansionFirst InstantConsciousness

In 2011 our high school geometry class backed into a radically different model of the universe. We used base-2 notation to go from Planck Time to this day, the Now, all in just 202 doublings. We’ve been all these years working to grasp what it means. We’ve been searching for concepts that could support a highly-integrated, mathematical model of the universe. We have written to some of the world’s finest scholars for their objective criticism and advice.

A summary of our “progress” (or lack of it) year by year and to date:
: Our first-ever chart of the universe is 202 base-2 notations, a mathematical grid…
______By definition, this matrix includes everything, everywhere, for all time.
2012: 64 notations are smaller than particles. We explore dimensionless physical constants.
2013: All without that bang. Circles-spheres to straight lines, triangles, tetrahedrons and more…
2014: Planck Time to this very second, a Zeno-like progression of  tetrahedrons-octahedrons
2015: Mathematical chart of all five Planck units. Newton is challenged. Janus-faced space-time.
2016: Horizontally-scrolled chart. Infinitely-hot challenged with just a picosecond’s difference.
2017: Natural thrust. Natural inflation. It is 100% predictive and logical, but redefines time.
2018: Dark matter and dark energy, Homogeneity & isotropy. All notations are always active.
2019: Pi’s never-ending, never-repeating defines the infinite. There are domains for perfection.

2020: Pi defines ContinuitySymmetryHarmony, and these three define pi (circles and spheres). Here the relations become primarily real, not subjects and objects. These three are also the heart of the first principles of logic, mathematics, and science. Always highlighted at the top of each homepage, these three concepts also define the value chain, even a moment of perfection. The three define a face of the finite, the quantitative, and a face of the infinite, the qualitative. We’re closer to understanding something very different about the finite and the infinite.1

Results. Within our base-2, mathematical model of the universe these three most basic facets of reality define everything, everywhere for all time. Continuity-Symmetry-Harmony has no size restriction. From the Planck scale to the universe scale, cubic-close packing of equal spheres (ccp) is our first application for constructions. Kepler used it in 1611 to stack cannonballs on ships; today it’s for GPS and satellite communications, heart arrhythmia and atomic packing factors.2

On the other side of our equations, we hold onto too many mistaken concepts. Of three most-basic, historic errors, one was promoted by Aristotle, another by Newton, and the third by Hawking. These three have seriously limited our imaginations and clouded our vision. Although introduced within an earlier homepage, these big three need constant study:
Aristotle misled us about a key geometry that stymied science and our creativity for over 1800 years. He missed a basic gap that opens the way to quantum fluctuations.
Newton was sure that absolute space and time were the most fundamental facets of reality. The world.unwittingly followed; and his concepts became our commonsense. He rejected a more relational view and truncated the thinking of the world’s people and her emergent sciences.
Stephen Hawking, the symbolic leader of big bang cosmology, gave no ground to any competitive theory all while his big bang encouraged solipsism and gave us an excuse for our narcissism and nihilism, especially for the dystopians among us.

Result. Those three errors have placed an integrated view of our universe just beyond our reach. The three have also made us all feel rather inconsequential and our little world increasingly insensitive, abrasive and abusive. Everyone everywhere is on edge. Especially when we consider the processes of getting and holding onto power, even within a democratic state, from the left to the right, it has become altogether very nasty business.

Change is possible. There are much more inclusive perspectives of who we are. We can see ourselves within an intimate relation with the universe, within this world and with each other. What you think, say and do affects the quality of life throughout the universe.

For us, the most simple start to a basic change of our understanding has been this base-2 chart. Envision the Planck Scale, the smallest scale, necessarily the beginning of the universe, and it goes to the largest scale, the size of the universe as it is today, right now. In 2011 high school geometry classes backed into this model of just 202 steps. It has taken all this time to begin to understand it and to recognize its place and importance for our life together.

We have not been shy to invite people to study it and help us to understand it.


Twitter: A tweet went out to leaders of the Left and the Right within the USA:
@georgesoros @OpenSociety @Thomas1774Paine @maddow @Heritage @realDonaldTrump

“How can we all be so far off?”
Answer: Our worldviews are too limited. We’re missing the universe.

The universe can anchor us. It’ll give each of us perspective. See: It’s just a start.


We are moved to ask:
• What if the universe starts with the Planck base units, what might be the first “thing” created?
• What if the first thing created is a sphere defined by those Planck base units?
• What if there is an endless stream of spheres and the first functional activity is sphere stacking?
• What if sphere stacking opens cubic close packing of equal spheres and tetrahedrons and octahedrons are generated? Does Plato follow?
• What if the concept of infinity has been so tainted by philosophies, we miss its most simple definition — continuity creating order, symmetry creating relations, and harmony creating dynamics; and then we’d add, “Any personal and confessional definitions are not necessary here.”

And so we finally ask, “Is there a glimmer of truth to our simple what if questions? If so, does that glimmer change our approach to our most basic equations?”

Emails. There have also been many emails that review our struggles to understand something so simple. I write, “I hope you can help us grasp the scope of our model of the universe; it came out of a high school back in December 2011. Here are a few of our key documents:
Our history,
Our first chart,
Our current chart,
Our STEM perspective,
Our current homepage, (this page for now)

We had to stop using this model in our high school curriculum; we didn’t want to taint the students going to college with a model that had not yet been vetted. Of course, this model has a special logic, it’s simple, it has a natural inflation, and most importantly, it readily supports homogeneity and isotropy. Yet, it still needs to be vetted by scholars.

It still needs much deeper explorations, so we welcome your thoughts.

Here, space, time, finite and infinite are all actively redefined. Leading scholars from around the world have been earnestly calling for it since the turn of this century-and-millennium.

This view of the universe starts cold. It models Lemaître’s earlier 1927 theory. It starts with the Planck base units whereby the universe is fundamentally exponential. And, it is a model that has not yet been evaluated by the scholarly and scientific communities.

It’s time. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Can you help?


Endnotes and Footnotes

[1] The Finite-Infinite Relation. One of the most divisive issues throughout all the cultures of our world, we grasp three facets of pi: continuity-symmetry-harmony. From one perspective, these three are the best description of the qualitative and the infinite. From another perspective these three are the best description of the quantitative and the finite.

We say, “Continuity begets order begets numbers which beget time.”
Then,Symmetry begets relations which beget geometries which beget space.”
And then, Harmony begets dynamics which begets systems which begets space-time.”

That is a summary for logic, math and science. All other declarations about the infinite are considered personal statements, nothing more.


[2] GPS and satellite communications to heart arrhythmia to atomic packing. In 2015 Cornell mathematics professor, Steven Strogatz, opened up our understanding of pi. Obviously, something profound is going on inside every sphere. A strong spherical magnet is a better analogy than a soccer ball filled with air. Simple Pi became Most-Dynamic Pi. Its manifestations of the Fourier transform appear to work within everything, even something as personal as arrhythmia and as fundamental as atomic packing factors.

The Dynamics of Pi. These five dynamic images open the door to begin to grasp the internal and external activity of pi and the nature of the very dynamics of all that is. Each image opens a page of explanations.

Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron coupletFile:Circle cos sin.gif

Poincaré, Poincaré polarization B, Poincare sphere Please note: Our speculative projection is that these five dynamics also describe the expansion of the universe. It is not closed, but it looks closed. It’s not flat, but could be described as flat.


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We have problems understanding each other and our universe. Arrogance slows us all down. We all can do better. This page URL is: The past ten homepages are also very closely related. Use the Left Yellow Arrow at the top to scroll back or choose from the listings on this page.

Reference links: There are ten scholars cited just above under References and Resources. Each will be linked to their own page on this site. Also, see David Tong of the Cambridge DAMTP and Hermann Nicolai of Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik



22 September 2020: I just sent a tweet to a rather insensitive soul who has 2.8 million followers on Twitter today. I had never heard of him and I don’t recommend his vulgar work to anybody. His crudeness debases the human family. This is what I said to @DaBabyDaBaby: “Someday you’ll die like the rest of us; and, what will people say? What’s your legacy? Did you help us see the world in a new way? How about the universe? When you see yourself as part of the universe maybe you’ll start to understand.”

“Everything you do and say makes a difference.”

24 September 2020: @zoplaplace: What do we know? If space-and-time are derivative and quantized at the Planck scale and base-2 and cubic close packing of equal spheres are the most basic dynamic, we are all like your “dead” and “stupid” comments because we’ve blissfully ignored the rest of the universe.

28 September 2020: Magdalena Skipper, Editor-in-chief, Nature, @Magdalena Skipper:  I just started following you… surprised to see just 15.1K who do. Nature is such an historic and highly-influential, scientific magazine — so very important. In Jan. 2013 Geoff Brumfiel wrote “Shrunken Proton…” of 2010 research. It needs a sequel! “Point particles” are not small; the Planck scale has so much more to teach us:

28 September 2020: @gbrumfiel @Magda_Skipper Jan. 2013 your “Shrunken Proton…” (2010 research) needs a sequel! “Point particles” are not small. If the Planck scale is the start, there are 67 base-2 notations to your proton:



This section is for my Afterthoughts. As a start, the purpose of this section is to open the website up for deeper study. Click on the top yellow arrow on the left, and flip through each home page right through this summer (and all the way back into 2016). Each top level posting or homepage is an attempt to show if the universe starts cold. Within our little mathematical model, in less than a minute, it is hot enough to pick up on the big bang theory’s so-called epochs. In effect, the big bang is only wrong about its understanding of about a picosecond! Just look at this comparison and how the numbers quickly fall in line with each other.


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The universe is everything, everywhere, for all time. And, what you think, say, or do affects it all.

Four documents: Each is to help us grow beyond our little worldviews.

A Note from the Editor: This image floats around the web and has been used in many instances to describe quarks and/or “the smallest things within the physical universe.” To check on it, I used Google’s image search. In our model of 202 notations, this image might be applicable in the range from Notation 55 to Notation 65. Also, in 2018 it was this top level post. – BEC

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