A Very Different Model of the Universe


“Built up from (and with) planckspheres”

by Bruce Camber   Understandably, scholars have had little patience for this naivete and rather quickly brush it off.

2019: These pages focus on an unexplored, mathematical, infinitesimally-small, seemingly-foundational part of our universe. It needs to be explored, first because it is so simple, and also because it stretches our logic and understanding of continuity. It starts at the Planck scale. Represented by the smallest-possible, simple sphere, we observe how it stacks, then doubles, then doubles again, and then continues to double. We’re asking scholars, “Could this simple doubling create a grid of Planck-scale spheres? Could it be  pushing the current expansion of the universe?  …dark matter/energy?  Does it all begin with a sphere?  Advice? 

Grid of Spheres




ConstructionBuilding Blocks

Planck Universe

Dark in a different sense.
Notation-by-notation analysis


Conceptual Steps

Pi Power


Our Horizontally-scrolled Chart of 202 Notations

Challenge us. Coach us. We need all the help we can get.

Which concept is strongest? Which is weakest?




These dynamics need deeper study:
1) Those dynamics that create the most basic geometric forms.
2) The dynamics of sphere coupling, creating relations.
3) The dynamics of spin, perhaps the essence of dynamics itself.
4) The Fourier analysis comes alive

With every doubling, forms become structures which become substances then become qualities, relations, and then systems. The Planck scale is so small, it will take 64 doublings to open an area within which our most-refined instruments begin to make a measurement.

Background …

Everything starts simply, and even this project had a simple start back in 1971.

It was reasoned, “If infinity can be redefined in scientific, mathematical, and logical terms, those concepts could open wider, more-reasoned discussions about the very nature of the universe and of life.” It would take another forty years, 2011, before these concepts would come alive within a simple exponential notation with just 202 doublings from Planck Time.

Those three concepts with many ancillary and derivative values are:

  1. Continuity / order / numbers / time
  2. Symmetry / relations / geometries / space
  3. Harmony / dynamics / all other mathematics and physics/ space-time moments

Hopefully all these pages begin to unfold the meaning and value of these concepts. -BEC