In search of precepts that are in some way primordial…

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Foundational Concepts & First Principles

By Bruce Camber for the Fourth of July 2018, South San Francisco, California

Ten words or groups of words follow. Although our scholarly and scientific communities have used all of these words and groups of words (beginning with Primordial Planck Base Units below), none have been lifted up as primordial or as foundational, or as first principles. None have been considered the very keys to unlock and begin to integrate ideas and concepts about the very nature of our universe. Also, none of the scholars and scientists who are referenced here have engaged our simple-yet-foundational, mathematical chart of the universe. So, here within this discussion these words become key ideas, perhaps radical concepts, that are given special status so we might begin to re-envision our “very first moment,” then ourselves, and our universe:

  1. Primordial Planck Base Units. Might everything within this universe originate from the very first moment of space and time? Might the Planck base units of Planck Length/Planck Time and Planck Mass/Planck Charge be a description of it?  Each is derived from universal physical constants, the properties of nature, not human constructs. Max Planck introduced his base units in 1899. Within our configuration, the chart, Planck’s group of four were first elevated to a “primordial” status back on November 14, 2016: “These four instantiate space and time. The only more fundamental units are pi, the dimensionless constants, and our attributes of the infinite — continuity, symmetry, and harmony.”
  2. The Infinite-Finite Pi. A finite-infinite bridge could be defined by pi with its never-ending, never-repeating numbers. Pi’s status within this website has been engaged as follows:
  3. Plancksphere: The First Emergence. Our hypothesis is that the first manifestation of these base units is a sphere which has been dubbed a Planck Sphere (or plancksphere) the first manifestation of a space/time moment. Also, among all the dimensionless constants that define this moment, in some special manner the Euler identity also applies here; and even more speculatively, here are the initial spin states for gravity resulting in planckspheres being generated in a range between 2.787×1042 and 5.575×1042  per second whereby the Planck Charge is the foundation for dark energy and Planck Mass the foundation of Dark Matter all within the first initial notations all well below our capabilities of direct measurement.
  4. The Finite-Infinite Bridge. A finite-infinite bridge is postulated with the dimensionless (constants), at least 31, possibly over 300, and as many as 200+ million (Plouffe).
  5. Qualitative-Quantities On The Infinite-Finite Bridge. The gradient of the qualitative is established within the quantitative and its infinities, understood as the dynamics of pi and dimensionless constants, and best given within continuity/order, symmetry/relations and harmony/dynamics.  Also, here we may well have the most-basic foundation for ethics.
  6. The 202 Notations. There are just 202 notations from the first moment of space/time to the current moment of space/time using the currently defined Planck Base Units and an application of  base-2 exponentiation. There are different forms of doublings yet all suggest the universe is exponential, not linear. As the planckspheres expand by the multi-quintillions per second and become the infrastructure of doublings, we will study to see how these dynamics become the basis for the aether, and for dark matter and dark energy.  To that end, we have begun our study of each notation as a discrete group.
  7. Hypostatics (based solely on Notations-Mathematics-and Logic). The 64th notation is just three notations under the current abilities of CERN and other accelerators around the world to measure. For now, the first 64 notations can only be engaged using mathematical logic, mathematics, geometry and simple logic. An old Greek word to describe a foundational-yet-inaccessible place, is hypostatic. Here are the foundations of the foundations.
  8. Extended definitions of light. Light permeates all 202 notations as the fulcrum between the unique nature of space and time within each notation.
  9. Natural inflation-and-thrust (throughout the 202 notations). There is a natural inflation and thrust emanating from pi, the dimensionless constants, and Planck charge, that get carried throughout all 202 notations. Here we begin our explorations to see if these initial 64 notations are also the foundations to begin to define the illusive inflaton.  Perhaps the concept of Dark Energy will suffice.
  10. Exponential Universe.  The 202 notations, a succession of doublings, is an application of base-2 exponential notation. It is period-doubling bifurcation. In some special ways, here is the key transformation and expression of Euler’s Identity such that one might readily conclude that  we live in an exponential universe.  

Just two more things…

  • Rate of Time, A Processing Speed to Encode-Imprint On The Universe. In this model, it appears that our sense of time, currently known as Past-Present-Future, is simply that, a sense. It seems that there is only one time – right now, this moment. One might ask, “What makes Sir Isaac Newton’s postulation about absolute space and time correct?” We all adopted it as children; the world’s family adopted as its commonsense view of the universe. That doesn’t make it true. Within this model everything we say, think, or do imprints on our little universe.
  • Pentastars: This pentastar* is defined by seven vertices made by five tetrahedrons. These render an imperfect object whereby there is a space-filling gap. That very simple gap might best be considered a very reasonable beginning for fluctuations, from the initial to the quantum, yet would also including creativity, free will, chaos, indeterminacy, noise, turbulence and the like.

*Editor’s Note: Not associated with the Pentastar Aviation in Michigan, or Chrysler’s old logo or Pentastar engines.

Of course, there is so much more to come. Our first guesses are never quite right!

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