A nexus of transformation


Reflections On The Transfer of Power

by Bruce Camber

The world is watching the USA. Bad actors everywhere are asking themselves, “Is this the time?” Those empowered to defend this nation and democracy are on heightened alert. Systems are in place to feel the slightest tremor of the negative. Troubled times on our little Planet Earth, we all need a larger vision of who we are and why.

In December 2011 in a little New Orleans high school upriver from the French Quarter and downriver from the international airport, we used simple geometries and multiplication by 2 (exponentiation) to pry open a magic door to an integrated view of the universe.[1]

Just over 200 notations were uncovered. Surprised not to find anything on the web about base-2 notation from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe, it was written up for Wikipedia in March 2012 [2]. Displayed for just a month, it was taken down as “original research” on May 2. The only thing original was the length of the continuity equation and the depth of the symmetry relations. Others had glimpses of both; it appears that nobody in history had put the two together.

These two qualities, continuity and symmetry, are also measurable quantities. Yet, our measuring tools can only go so far. Accelerators like the one at CERN[3] in Geneva, Switzerland are actually limited. Their instruments reach down to about the 67th notation out of 202. These are real numbers of real quantities within notations 1 to 67[4] so the question must be asked, “What is happening in there?

No one truly knows, so we are making some guesses. Most importantly we believe it is a primary transformation area between the finite and the infinite, between sleep and consciousness, and between the mind and brain. Now that’s quite some transfer of power! Inherently defined as an extension of the infinite, these qualities appear to permeate all notations; these are continuity (order), symmetry (relations), and harmony (a real perfection of dynamics).

Continuity and symmetry give us our sciences; the harmonic and disharmnonic give us our aesthetics, ethics, will, and quantum physics. This simple model of the universe has yet not been explored within the academic world. I think it is well-worth our time to explore it so I invite you to come on this journey with us. It won’t be easy.

Note [1] Can you help to explain it all in a compelling way?
Note [2] Wikipedia is for encyclopedic writings, not research.
Note [3] Measurable units of time only go down to the 87th notation.
Note [4] These keys are hanging in plain sight!

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