Natural Values Within Business, Government, Religion, and Science

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Natural Values Within Business, Government, Religion and Science
Values come directly from the continuity-symmetry-harmony of the sphere.
by Bruce E. Camber

All major domains of human activity — especially Business, Government,  Science, and Religion — are fraught with travail and have been blemished with the worst of human behavior. Notwithstanding, there is a deep ethical bias within science which is also an essential infrastructure of business, and it is the heart of good religion and good government.

The circular color chart opens the door on the story. This chart emerged out of work within a high school geometry class.


Using simple geometries and simple math (multiplying by 2), they started at the smallest known measurements of space and time. In high school multiplying by 2 is called “base-2 exponential notation.” This simple math and geometry start within a pervasive-and-perfect continuity-symmetry-harmony, all capturing the basic initial relations throughout the universe.

Taking a step back to observe this model, it seemed that it could represent all the energies, negative and positive, within our finite universe, including our finite world, and our finite life. Using a Cartesian coordinate system and circle as its container, the x-axis (horizontal axis) appears to be the totality of time. The vertical y-axis could be the totality of space.

This is a dynamic model; it is our expanding universe.

This work emerged from our earlier discussions about foundations.

These thrusts -the energy and purpose – are the most basic forms/functions of life. Though part of our business formulations for many years, this circular image marks the first time it has been used as a comprehensive valuation structure and the basis for modelling the universe (a very large file, may open slowly).

Above the x-axis are all the constants and universals that define who we are, our life, the arts, sciences, business, government, and religion. Below that x-axis — domains that involve so much of human activity — is the antithesis of Order/Continuity, Relations/Symmetry, and Dynamics/Harmony.

The antithesis of these form/functions create a de facto ethical platform by which we can begin to judge ourselves, our businesses, our religion (including atheism), and our political and social organizations.

Of course, this is a first pass at a complex subject addressed by a relatively simple person trying to make sense of it all. There will be many more updates to come.

An earlier article about the constants and universals anticipates this chart but was prior to the chart’s development. Title: Just what are we to believe about anything?

The first use of the chart in June 2014 was within the article, Is There Order In The Universe?

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