On following the work of Richard A. Muller…

Richard A. Muller, Professor of Physics, University of California – Berkeley
Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

ArXiv  Blog  CV  Homepage (Newer) Quora   Wiki    YouTube

Key references  (books):
NOW: The Physics of Time, September 2016 (Amazon)
There is no past and future, only this time, right now.
> He holds onto big bang cosmology.
> He throws entropy under the bus (Now, Chapters 9, 10, 15).
> He likes infinity. Infinity works.
> He continues the Cartesian logic, Cogito Ergo Sum.

References to Richard Muller’s work within this website:
https://81018.com/2016/10/02/2october2016/ Time Is Always Right Now
https://81018.com/structure/ With Carlo Rovelli questioning our understanding of time.

Third email: 5 November 2019 @ 8 AM

Dear Prof. Dr. Richard Muller:

All references to you within our website are with great respect and deference.
This page: https://81018.com/2016/09/26/muller/

The most recent reference is here:
It is also the current homepage.

I hope you are well and your work rewarding.
Most sincerely,

Second Email:  Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dear Prof. Dr. Richard  Muller,

As part of a blog I have probably bastardized your intentions with Now: The Physics of Time.  I’ll insert part of that blog just below.  Also, I am slowly developing this page about your scholarship.

I am not a scholar, just a simple idiosyncratic thinker.

If you would have me delete “your” page, I will. If you would like me to revise it, I will. The site and all the writings are an attempt to explain the simple math and logic that follows base-2 exponentiation from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe. In looking at those numbers, a few years ago, I began to doubt the logic of big bang cosmology.  When I noticed that the numbers nicely mimicked the epochs defined by big bang cosmology, I thought a nice, organic, natural inflation that was more predictive and simple than the old Lemaitre theory and GuthLinde‘s inflation, might have some merit.

I apologize for taking your time this way and thank you in advance for any considerations of these topics.

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber


PS.  I said the following about you and your work:
Today-Now versus Commonsense and Time’s Past-Present-and-Future

“Just because we have all believed the same thing for over 300 years doesn’t make it true. Yes, “commonsense worldviews” are the hardest to breakdown. Cognitive dissonance holds the line.

“This is the new reality. There is no yesterday or tomorrow.  There is no past and future. There is only Now, today, this moment. In 1715 Sir Isaac Newton got us all off on the wrong foot. He made space and time absolutes that define infinity. The only problem is space and time are derivative, discrete, finite, local, quantized, and relational.

“If logic dictates, Prof Dr. Richard A Muller is right. This Berkeley physics professor boldly claims that the only time is Now.  And, he subtitled this book, The Physics of Time.  There is no past, no future, everything for all time is always present. The entire universe is a process and our only reality. The first moment of creation is Notation 1 and it is always a dynamic part of the very beingness of our universe. It is not past; it is happening right Now, sustaining and creating, the initial step of our universe.

“Everything you do is instantiated within the very being of the universe and becomes part of its evolving definition.”

First Email:  26 September 2016

A warm “Congratulations” for NOW.

Might our simple integrated math and logic apply?

Our little history: https://81018.com/home/

Most sincerely,
PS. I see you grew up in the nice part of the Bronx! I taught 2nd grade in 1969 in PS 48x in Hunts Point, the Bronx.  Those were crazy times!  -B

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