…how our universe starts and grows

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Simple, Logical Concepts
by Bruce E. Camber
My response to Nobel Laureate 2019 James Peebles (Princeton)
He says, “…we have no good theory of such a thing as the beginning.

Five Concepts To Start the Universe:*
1. The infinite –continuity-symmetry-harmony– defines pi and the finite.
2. Our Universe begins with pi, a keyway for all dimensionless constants.
3. A primordial sphere emerges.
4. Primordial spheres emerge and immediately begin to stack.
5. Cubic-close packing of equal spheres is a key result-and-start.

These five will get our universe started. Then we realize, “Now, it’s always starting!”

Four Concepts To Grow the Universe:
6. The faces of the Fourier transform energize these primordial spheres (acting like vertices) to discover each other and build forms, structures, substances, qualities, relations, then systems.

The densities are that of a blackhole, yet this one is building the universe.
Perhaps we need to expand the concept of the very nature of blackholes.

7. A rate of expansion is established by primordial time. We’ve used 539-tredecillion (PlanckTime) and 4605-tredecillion (StoneyTime) spheres per second. Base-2 exponentiation imputes order. There are just 202 notations from the first moment to Now.

Compare to big bang cosmology. See the 143 notations (doublings) to the first second.
See just over 135 from our cold start to Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) temperatures.

8. There is a domain of perfection that extends perhaps to Notation-50. There is a thrust for perfection which may have initially extended up well beyond Notation-67. Though a most-speculative guess, that perfection may be shifting all the time and could now be receding toward Notation-50. Notwithstanding, here begins our highly-integrated, relational view of the universe.

By Notation-202, the density is what it is throughout today’s universe.
Purpose: Break free of highly-contentious, limited worldviews by adopting
a mathematically-integrated view of the universe. This website is a simple start

9. A five-tetrahedral structure creates a gap and that gap is the beginning of quantum fluctuations observed around Notation-64.


Footnotes (and Endnotes)

[*] Five Concepts To Start: These five concepts may well be laughable if you are visiting for the first time. These concepts are a very different way of thinking about the universe. In December 2011, we started with the 202 base-2 notations. Right from the beginning, I’ve tried to summarize new concepts. On June 14, 2014 https://81018.com/order/ listed nine concepts within which this site began. On October 24, 2018, a twelve-step program was laid out. In February 2020, it was reformatted as A Simple Mathematical Model of the Universe. Then in July 2020, I reviewed them all again as 29 assumptions or presuppositions. Today’s listing is perhaps the most succinct to date. So, yes, there will be more to come…


[†] Four Concepts to Grow. Just four concepts drive the explosive expansion of the universe from that first instant right up through to the 144th doubling which captures the first second. We know from the Wheat and Checkerboard story that 64 doublings or 264 renders unfathomable numbers. Just beyond the first second at 2144 are beyond comprehension. The Now or 2202 is a wholly-different-other. In and around Notation-90 we begin to see the foundations for human life, so here we have begun studying the current research within evolutionary biology. More to come…


References & Resources

I am reworking the references from six articles:
1. https://81018.com/questions-1/
2. https://81018.com/peebles/
3. https://81018.com/instance/
4. https://81018.com/essentials/
5. https://81018.com/precis/
6. https://81018.com/empower/

Some team of scholars will follow up the recent work of John Ralston’s team and do a better job than Max Planck or George Stoney to calculate those base units, especially primordial time simply because it gives us a possible rate of expansion of the universe.


Communications: Emails

Thursday, May 13, 2021: There are about 100 scholars, people who have been involved with graduate education their entire career, who will receive either an email or instant message. The question is always asked, “Where are we going wrong? Could the universe start simply with pi (π).probing and successfully defining an infinitesimal sphere? Is the gravitas of that moment held in check by such densities as calculated for blackholes? Those nine points have been cited in one way or another on our websites — 81018.com 81018.net 81018.org — however, emphasis on pi is the result of this year’s Pi Day statement.


Communications: IM

Instant messaging and other forms of social media have forever changed our universe. Within our lifetime, space and time have been disintermediated. The kids today just assume they can be anywhere, anytime, and talk to anybody. So what do you have to say? That’s not so easy. Yet, increasingly we are all answering those four basic Kantian questions, “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What is the meaning and value of my life?” and by doing so, we are each ready to engage the world, even the universe, in our own unique ways.

Soon, we will have meetings, collaborations, and more, all on the fly, so you can be sure, more is coming soon.



There are two surveys both using simple Yes / No / Maybe answers. The first survey was from the prior homepage and there is also a 12-question survey for this article.

We would celebrate if you could take time to answer the questions of either survey! Copy the questions to an email and send them in with your answers and comments!


Key Dates for this document, Starts

The next homepages currently being worked on are displayed within a listing of all homepages since 2016: https://81018.com/pages/ Those highlighted in light gray require entering a password which is usually given at the top of each page. These pages are under construction and your suggestions are welcomed.


Note: Yes, there is always much more to come.

Comments along the way:
Mothers’ Day, May 9, 2021: Birthing and the birth channel are analogical constructions for the emergence of the first sphere. The thought has been entertained that a blackhole may have a second form, the first 65 notations which are smaller than quantum fluctuations, out of any possible range of our measuring devices, and in the density range currently assumed for blackholes. Does it look like dark energy and matter?This is our first thought about it so as you can imagine, it is here in light gray!

Among the next articles: Sleep, recompiling, ordering, and the one-thirds, Me-We-Thee.

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