Afshordi, Niayesh

Niayesh_AfshordiNiayesh Afshordi

Perimeter Institute (PI)
University of Waterloo – Department of Physics and Astronomy
Waterloo, Ontario

ArXivOut of the White Hole: A Holographic Origin for the Big Bang

First email: 6 June 2016

Our reference regarding big bang cosmology:
Our referencing page:

Dear Niayesh:

I have gotten to know you through your writings on the web. The link above goes to our posting critical of the Big Bang. It begins: “In September 2014 for the first time we publicly raised questions about the big bang theory (herein abbreviated “bbt“). Of course, Stephen Hawking has always been its biggest and best salesperson. He has become a rock star among scientists, especially with his current PBS-TV series, Genius, and the continued updating-and-capitalizing on his 1988, best-selling book, A Brief History of Time. In 1973 he co-authored his first book about the the subject, The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time. Only a fool would dare challenge his work.”

So, such is life; each of us must at sometime play the fool.

Much further down I say:
“The key:  More than just the bbt‘s four forces of nature within the Planck scale, we assume a certain unification of all five Planck base units and those constants that define them, and that this unification is carried through the entire 202 base-2 exponential notations to the current time and present day (until proven to be otherwise). The Planck base units are defined by length, time, mass and charge. These Planck units are further defined by the speed of light (or special relativity), the gravitational constant (or general relativity), the reduced Planck constant (or ħ or quantum mechanics), the Coulomb constant (or ε0 or electric charge or electromagnetism), and the Boltzmann constant (or kB or of temperature).”

I wonder if you have any comments?
Thank you.

Most sincerely,
* * * *
Bruce Camber

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