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Unprecedented. Not a middle or third way.
It’s a totally-integrated way to study the universe
by Bruce E. Camber (first draft)

On grappling with life’s purpose and structure1

More than a middle way or a third way2

A good way.3

Plus, we’ve just started, so there will always be more. Thank you. -BEC


Endnotes & Footnotes

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1a. Our universe: MathematicalGeometricalExponential.
Background: Pythagoras, Plato, and Galileo are among the historic greats to say, “It’s a mathematical universe.” We take it further. From the very first instant of the universe to this very moment, it is all mathematical (even quantum indeterminacy). Equations rule. Our simple base-2 chart encapsulates everything, everywhere, for all time. This is an exponential-geometrical universe. Only the small sliver we call the current time is linear. It’s not an illusion, but we have to sleep on it.
1b. 202 base-2 notations, a dynamic grid of the universe. Most academics, scholars and scientists do not know there are 202 base-2 notations from the base units (by Planck or Stoney) to this very moment in time. These pages appear to be the first public discussion (on the internet since 2012).
1c. An infinitesimal, primordial sphere. Most academics, scholars and scientists have not yet embraced such a sphere at the Planck scale. Many have embraced Lemaître’s primordial atom, yet it is a very different concept. This sphere is conjectured because among the dimensionless constants hypothesized for the start of the universe [Baez, 2011; Wilczek-Aguirre-Rees-Tegmark, 2005], pi (π) dominates. On further analysis of pi (π), we conjectured that order (numbers), symmetry (space), and harmony (dynamics) are instantiated from the infinite to the finite, from the qualitative-to-the-quantitative. With such a conjecture it was natural to follow that one primordial sphere emerges per each unit of Planck time.
1d. Spheres and pi (π). Spheres and pi hold the mysteries of the Fourier transform, plus the attractors and repellers of John Milnor and Steve Smale. So many studies have opened up to us, we find learning to be an adventure and fun, but such a challenge. Many of our primary teachers have died within these short ten years. Many have become weak. The new challenge now is to find young scholars who are open to such a radically different model of our universe.
1e. Notations always active; all time is now. When this model started to come alive and all the notations began to contribute to the current time, our grasp of the very nature of time was profoundly challenged. Keeping so many new ideas working together becomes problematic and new integrative ideas seem illusive.

We know that we’ve only scratched the surface; it would be nice to have some friends with whom we could bounce around new ideas and concepts.


2. Not a middle or third way. Moving beyond political parties of every stripe and flavor (and their power plays), our world is ensnared by people who want to be in charge. Today they elbow their way to the top of a political party and then elbow their way to the top of their country’s leadership, and then the country elbows its way to the top of global leadership. It is never leadership. It is always about power and mostly centralization. The accent is on the wrong syllable. We all need to recognize the very deep relational structure of the universe that binds everything, everywhere for all time.


3. Ethics and values. It seems there are no others suggesting that our ethics are built into the structure of pi. It also seems there are no others suggesting that the primary qualities of pi — continuity, symmetry, and harmony — taken together, become de facto values and the transformation nexus between the finite and infinite. This shall continue to be the major discussion within this website.


References & Resources

Please Note: References and resources used to shape this posting are not yet footnotes; concepts are still being formulated. Thank you.

Ronald J. Adler, Six easy roads to the Planck scale (PDF), ArXiv, 2010 AAPT, 2010)

Philip Ball, Physicists Rewrite the Fundamental Law That Leads to Disorder, Quanta Magazine, May 23, 2022

Doug Bonderud, 5 Odd Theories of the Universe That Might Just Be True, Now, Northrop Grumman, April 2022

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Universe’s Constants Now Known with Sufficient Certainty to Completely Redefine the International System of Units, NIST, 2016. See: CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants: 2014, See: Current their list of sixteen fundamental constants.

Valerii M. Vinokur et al, Arrow of time and its reversal on the IBM quantum computer (ETH-PDF), Nature, 2019,

• Garth Warner, Harmonic Analysis on Semi-simple Lie Groups I, Springer-Verlag, ISBN 0-387-05468-5, 1972


Emails (More emails will be added over the next couple of weeks.)

Dharam Vir Ahluwalia, Center for the Studies of the Glass Bead Game, June 7, 2022
David J. Gross, Kavli Institute, University of California at Santa Barbara, June 5, 2022
Paola Zizzi, University of Padua, June 5, 2022 @ 4:24 PM
National Science Foundation, Washington, DC, May 31, 2022
Monika Schleier-Smith, Stanford University, May 30, 2022
Espen Gaarder Haug, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), May 24, 2022



Please Note: Some communications, particularly instant messages and tweets, because none of this work is done in a vacuum; our world is in turmoil. We need new models of who we are and why.

8:08 AM · Jun 9, 2022 @7homaslin @nattyover Congrats. You all have been doing sensational work for ten years. Natalie has been excellent, but many others are as well. I’ve written a letter to you here — The top of that page is my tribute to the magazine and to Simons people.

7:55 PM · May 29, 2022 @linakhanFTC Every decision should be made in light of our history and in light of the universe. Our little worldviews are too often laced with personal bias. We need to graduate to a fully-integrated, mathematical view of the universe; our start is here: Lina Khan is Chair of the Federal Trade Commission.

10:54 AM · May 26, 2022 @WatsonInstitute If we were to all recognize that we all share the first 64 notations (out of 202 base-2 notations from the start of the universe till now): and we each qualitative effect the whole: just maybe we’d begin to change.

10:44 AM · May 26, 2022 @DalaiLama More than live together, we need to see how we are all deeply, profoundly, and totally interconnected and come from the same active stuff, the first 64 notations of the 202 base-2 notations that define everything, everywhere for all time: Also see:

4:25 PM · May 17, 2022 @POTUS Please don’t give up on any part of the USA or any person. Our biggest problems result from incoherent scientific theories. We are breaking free of little worldviews and moving toward an integrated view of the universe — is just a start!

1:43 PM · May 12, 2022 Xi Jinping The question is “more centralization” or “decentralization.” Centralization requires obedience, monitoring, and control. Decentralization requires education and a most compelling offering that empowers people’s creativity for self-control:

May 12, 2022 @WHO @UNDESA @UNECOSOC The question is “more centralization” or “decentralization.” Centralization requires obedience, monitoring, and control. Decentralization requires education and a most compelling offering that empowers people’s creativity for self-control:



The world is increasingly nihilistic. Many parts of it have become dystopian.

We are all needed to do something. We are preparing these pages so we all become teachers of an integrated view of the universe whereby we all begin to profoundly understand that what we do each and every moment effects the quality of life within this universe.

This is a key document. Click on the “Back Arrow” or “Left Arrow” at the top of this page to go back. Click again. With this page, these three pages describe a very different point of view and purpose. If you agree and you will begin to teach others about this integrated view of the universe, we will list you within our soon to-be-added “Teachers” page. Thank you.


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