An open letter to Xi Jinping of today’s China Communist Party (CCP)

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Xi Jinping, Karl Marx, the Chinese Dream

If he were alive today, what would Karl Marx believe?
by Bruce E. Camber (first draft, May 2023)

Xi Jinping is the general secretary of the CCP. In China, the leaders always confer with Karl Marx before making strategic decisions. Of course, Karl Marx is long dead, so that conference has to be on a different plane, “in spirit, and in truth.”


Dear Xi Jinping:

Among all the experts of the world, you possibly know as much as anybody about the work and thoughts of Karl Marx. Yet given that he died in 1883, he was unable to engage two of the biggest scientific revolutions that followed him: Einstein’s relativity theory and the Planck-to-Bohr-to-Schrödinger quantum theory. Most know Marx as a philosopher, historian, sociologist, economist and political theorist; very few know that he was also very deeply involved and wrote about the foundations of mathematics.1 I believe his studies and writings about infinite series2 is a key to his willingness to explore new domains. I am still searching for his understanding of the place-and-importance of pi (π). I suspect it would directly impact our understanding of dialectical materialism. Today’s scientific community and her mathematicians engage pi (π) rather superficially. It is interesting to me, possibly as a symbolic gesture alone, Marx died on March 14 which is now considered “Pi Day” around the world. Stephen Hawking died on Pi Day. And, Albert Einstein was born on Pi Day.

Most of us learn the basic formula for pi (π); and, we think, “I’ve got it. Done that.” Yet, those scholars who have made careful studies of this most enigmatic equation, know that it holds many more secrets and surprises.

I assume you would consider Karl Marx to be a mentor and that you are his interpreter. I would like to ask you about three historic, intellectual failings (which are only discussed and studied among specialized scholars), “What would Marx say?” These are:

  1. Aristotle’s 1800 year geometry error.3 Quantum physics is yet to acknowledge this gap, the finite-infinite relation, a domain of perfection, and a dynamic container universe.
  2. Isaac Newton’s absolute time keeps tripping everyone. From Leibniz to Einstein, we’ve learned that time is not absolute but discrete, finite, relational, and necessarily related to space.
  3. Lemaitre, Hawking and Guth gave us the big bang theory and it is collapsing.

We quickly learn that our very best scholars all make key mistakes. Given the importance of these three concepts in our world, I believe each country should have a summit meeting of their best scholars to discuss those issues then appropriately advise their people:

  1. Pi redefines the very nature of the finite-infinite relation. Here there is some concurrence with Marx’s “ignore all religions” attitude. It redefines infinity as continuity-symmetry-harmony. For more: The second is: Of course, pi (π) deserves much more of our attention.
  2. The magic of pi is how those numbers become circles. What in fact happens is those numbers approximate circles to a point we can not discern the straight lines at all. An example is this image:
  3. Planck’s base units (or natural units derived in 1899) are a level-set for the universe. They define the very first moment of space-time. By applying base-2, we create a mathematical ordering system that can be easily followed. Planck Time, multiplied over and over again, results in over 13.81 billion years within 202 notations. Applied to the PlanckLength, it approximates the size of the universe.

    Everything, everywhere, for all time is encapsulated. I believe Marx would have enjoyed learning about this inherent sense of order created by pi (π).

    The most surprising part of it is that PlanckTime also inculcates a cosmological constant that is the expansion of the universe. If one sphere is postulated for every unit of PlanckTime and PlanckLength, a rate of expansion can be calculated. It is 539 tredecillion spheres per second. It provides mathematical logic for the expansion of the universe.

Now all this data provides a very different picture of the universe. At the time of Karl Marx, many people were aware of the Milky Way galaxy, but most astronomers and cosmologists thought it was the scope of the entire universe.

If humanity is ever to get along and build on each other’s successes, we all need to break free of our little worldviews and begin to adopt a high-integrated, mathematical view of the universe.

I believe Karl Marx would have embraced it. Do you embrace it?

Thank you.

Most sincerely,


PS. With the greatest respect, I would like to ask you to consider signing a petition — — to the leading intellectual societies in the world to do an analysis of this work and publicly comment on it. China holds the top positions. If you sign it, an analysis will surely follow. Thank you. -BEC


Endnotes & Footnotes
Footnotes will follow over the next few weeks.

[1] Marx, Karl (1983). Mathematical Manuscripts of Karl Marx. Translated by C. Aronson; M. Meo. London: New Park Publications. ISBN 978-0-86151-000-9. Retrieved from Wikipedia, May 29, 2023.

[2] The four treatises that open the concept of infinites: (a) On the Concept of the Derived Function, (b) On the DifferentialOn the History of Differential Calculus, and (c) Taylor’s Theorem, MacLaurin’s Theorem and (d) Lagrange’s Theory of Derived Functions

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Endnote: Dirk Struik rediscovered Aristotle’s 1800 year geometry error from the 1400s. Aristotle did not know there is a gap with five tetrahedrons. He thought tetrahedrons could tile-and-tesselate the universe perfectly. That mistake was recorded around 1450. Another 570+ years pass and Aristotle’s mistake was forgotten and never discussed. It is important because quantum theory is directly impacted. The finite-infinite relation is clarified. An actual domain of perfection is defined. And, the natural units defined in 1899 by Max Planck (and in 1874 by George Stoney) give us natural starting points for the universe; and, the current day, 13.81 billion years later, gives us a dynamic container.

[4] More to come…


References & Resources
As these references are studied, key references and resources will be added.within this website.

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There will be emails to many of our scholars about these key points.

Wed, May 24, 12:05 PM, Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State
Tue, May 23, 6:03 PM, Donna Strickland, Waterloo, Ontario
Tue, May 23, 8:28 AM, Gérard Mourou, IZEST, Palaiseau, France


There will also be many instant messages to thought leaders about the key points.

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5:11 PM · May 23, 2023 @brattray @reidhoffman The big bang is fizzling. That opens the door for new models. We have one for the global scholars to evaluate. Would you please sign the petition to have the world’s leading intellectual organizations evaluate it?



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