Is continuity-and-symmetry involved in the creation of time-and-space?


Our concepts are incomplete.

Arrogance about anything has no place within humanity. Although especially true when it comes to one’s religious beliefs, even our confidence in any one scientific theory should always be mitigated with openness.

Consider the history of the big bang theory. Stephen Hawking had been its #1 advocate since about 1973. Leading scholars know that the big bang is not quite right. It’s off. It has no internally-consistent math. It is dubious philosophy and nihilistic psychology. It does not start simply. Then, consider Isaac Newton, 300 years earlier; he was a bit too self-assured when he foisted absolute space and time on us.

Today some of our top scholars want to throw out all these concepts. As deferentially as possible, I ask, “Could these concepts possibly be redefined in light of our simple, highly-integrated, mathematical model of the Universe?”
Thank you. – Bruce Camber

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• Revisit. June 5, 2017, Burst the Big Bang Bubble
• Contact! June 2, 2017, Email to the Editors of scientific publications
Contact! 1 June 2017: Email to Max Tegmark (MIT), re. the nature of infinity in light of his article, The Mathematical Universe
Contact! 4 May 2017: Email to Brandon Brown, author, Planck: Driven by Vision, Broken by War

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• Open Letter to the editors of Science (magazine) of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Simple View of the Universe
• An Integrated Universe View: What is your expertise? There are many blanks within many cells — over 2000 of them in the entire chart — so, we assume it will always be “under construction.”

• Background: Do you have a Worldview? Could it be part of an integrated Universe View?
• Measuring an Expanding Universe Using Planck Units (work in progress)
• NASA SpaceApp Challenge Reports (work in progress)
• The Thrust of the Universe: What is it? (work in progress)
• Very Small-Scale Universe: What is hypostatic?
• Visualizing the Universe (work in progress)

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