2016 — Regarding the celebration of light


72 of 202: A grid-matrix-system for everything, everywhere for all time, Not a theory or vision, just math.

Just What Is It About Light?

1. The Nature of LightIn 1899 Max Planck penned formulas for light, space (length), time, mass and charge. These equations appear to be equally important as Einstein’s e=mc2.  Light in some manner of speaking binds the four Planck base units.  Throughout this website there is continued analysis, discussion, and questions about the meaning of these most-basic, first expressions of physicality.

Our analysis of light begins here.


2. Top Ten  In 2015 on this website we introduced a Top Ten similar to what comedian,  David Letterman, did on the Late Show on CBS-TV.

Our second Top Ten list (#2) is a focus on light. What is it about light?!? A key for everything!

Work started on #3, a focus on the finite-infinite. Each has been for New Year’s Eve.  That next Top Ten is in still process!

Open for your comments:

C.M. Prieto

Quiet Expansion of the Universe: Learning from scholars like Frank Wilczek (MIT) and  Freeman Dyson (Institute for Advanced Studies) can be intimidating. Trying not to be overwhelmed by their expertise, we shift our focus from particles to systems.
#1 Top Ten (updated as a result of reader’s input)
Living like a King and Queen (December 19)
Power of Music, Good Food and Conversation at Lüke’s and with Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s music (October 30) with Carlos Miguel Prieto, Conductor
The Numbers: A horizontally-scrolled chart with 12 rows and 204 columns which makes up 34-pages side-by-side, and over 2000 blocks of information to analyze and eventually to understand.
First chart, December 2011. 
Value values, ethics and integrity

Help Wanted

Your Questions/Our Answers: Ask a question about this work, especially about the chart, and we will attempt to answer it!
To the Top Guns* of Physics:  What’s wrong with this picture?
To Our Global Pop Stars & Others: An appeal to Katy Perry, “Become a spokesperson. Spread the word.”

News / Research

QuietExpansion.com opens for business:  There are many websites associated with these efforts. Most attempt to capture  historical moments in time and to analyze its possible role within academic work. There hasn’t been a place for personal reflections. That changes today.

Universe View: What is your expertise? There are many blanks; and all cells, over 2000, will always be “under construction.”

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