Science… it’s a long and dusty road.

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And we have our rules for this road:

1. It  is always simple before it becomes complex.
2. Always have light and respect the light.
3. Always look for an easier, quicker, more simple way to go.
4. Yet, always be open to explore the entire universe.

(Undoubtedly there will be more rules added as we go along this road.)

The corollary to the first rule: Maintain the roads, especially the dirt roads. Highways are great but they are always fed by smaller and smaller roads. John Wheeler, a Princeton physicist (1911-2008), cautions us because simplicity and beauty seem to go hand-in-hand.  Let us return to a 2015 article that opens with his special quote. By the way, this reference will cause us to update that article. Nothing is sacrosanct on this website. Here we define simplicity as the multiplication-by-2 table. Yet, we know how quickly multiplying by 2 can get out of hand!

Our chart of the finite universe in 202 notations so readily demonstrates it.

The corollary to the second rule:  Don’t get hung up on semantics and don’t be afraid of words that smack of religious belief.  We can all share the words; and within science, we can always be looking for and struggling with better definitions.screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-10-36-16-am

Take for example, Max Planck’s definition of Planck Time. We can readily modify that definition and challenge Einstein, “Which formula says the most? Which respects the role of light?” Of course, the slight modification of that formula is c=lP÷tP whereby light defines every one of the 202 notations; and as we can see on line 10 of the chart of the finite universe, there has been a variable speed of light throughout the ages. Although we have opened a discussion about this light, it has a long, long way to go before it is complete.

The corollary to this third rule: Once you find the easiest, the quickest, and the most simple, go back and explore the others — the hardest, the slowest, and the different.  Diversity is good and all those other ways of going are OK no matter how whacky they may seem to you. Those ways may not be as efficient, they may be a little wasteful of human and physical resources, but let them breathe and appreciate them for what they are. Even though we may have a better way here in this instance, these same people may help us to see more clearly in other circumstances. More…

The corollary to the fourth rule:  You are a microcosm of the universe. Learn about the universe and you learn about yourself.  Learn about yourself and you learn about the universe. Open up your dialogue so it always includes the universe. More...  And more...

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