Seiberg, Nathan

Seiberg-NNathan Seiberg
Institute for Advanced Studies
Princeton, New Jersey

ArXiv: Sigma Models on Flags (27 Sept. 2018) Emergent Spacetime (Jan. 2006)
CV: Publications Google Scholar
Talk: Where is Fundamental Physics Heading?

First email:  Saturday, 13 October 2018

Dear Prof. Dr. Nathan Seiberg:

Thinking about strings, might we say that very shortest distance is the radius (then the diameters ) of the plancksphere defined at the Planck scale by the four base units?

I had a brief view of it here:

Could the supersymmetries we seek to discover simply be below the quantum scale of measurement?  For example, from the Planck base units to the CERN-scale of measurement, there are no less than 64 successive doublings of Planck’s numbers. Given that there are simple doubling mechanisms built into the universe, might it follow that we have the beginnings of an outline for a new model of the universe with a natural inflation?

Our chart of numbers for that outline is here:

There are no wild ideas here. These are simple concepts but given the tightness of our academies, they could seem a bit radical. Perhaps this very different view draws on  John Wheeler’s simplicity.  In this outline of a model, space and time are not quite an illusion but certainly finite, discrete, and derivative.

Maybe we are just stuck in silly loop-de-loop out in quirky left field!

If you have any comments for me, you know I will be entirely grateful. Thank you for all that you have done and all that you are doing to open scholarship to everyone.

Most sincerely,


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