Is our universe exponential? What’s this Planck Temperature?


Rather different concepts about our universe

•  All things can be thought of in terms of the entire universe!
•   Everything, everywhere for all time, encapsulated in 202 base-2 notations
•   Just 436,117,076,900,000,000 seconds in 13.8 billion years  And more
•   A pretty little universe described by two words: homogeneity and isotropy

Ways to open up to the entire universe

•  First, there is a  finite-infinite passageway.
•  Second, get to know light! Grasp a new space-time.
•  Third, see the two other faces of light: matter-energy (and you).
•  Fourth, there is no dark matter and dark energy; it’s a continuum.

Basic concepts and simple facts

•  Speed of light confirmed mathematically. So now, what is the nature of light?
•  Our base-2 exponential model (goes to a little history). Mathematically-
 integrated universe in just 202 notations (goes to the actual numbers).
•   Absolutes go back in the  box.
•   Sphere stacking, tetrahedrons, and octahedrons come out of the box.

Go out on the edge. Warning, it’s still rough here.

•  Planckspheres, spheres, a natural inflation, and a doubling,
•  Cubic close packing and period doubling bifurcation
•  Fourier transform at the Planck scale
•   Poincare, Gauss, Hilbert, Euler

Planck Length to the atom is like the atom to the Solar System. We all have a lot to learn about the infinitesimal! What if…  Some ask,Is this a real model? Really? Why now?

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