Who is Neil Turok?

First, there is our overview page of notes, emails, and tweets to Neil Turok.
Plus there are many pages of references to his work:
•  He is now in Edinburgh, having captured the Higgs Chair of Theoretical Physics.
• In 2022 he appears to re-embrace the big bang theory.
•  We do not understand space and time.
• Get a grip. Get the universe.
• An Integrated Structure of the Universe
• If Turok Tells Us That Hawking Is Wrong, The Big Bang Apple Is Falling.
• There is a perpetual state of big bangs…
• Job Feldbrugge:  Break out of those Ruts of Misunderstanding
• Jean-Luc Lehners
• Redefine Space, Time and Infinity
• Referenceshttps://81018.com/alphabetical/  https://81018.com/2016/06/30/perimeter/#Turok
• This page: https://81018.com/2016/08/02/turok/

Photo by Ben Allanach

• 2004 DAMTP Christmas Party: Dec 15, 2004 time. Entertainment by the DAMTP Supremes

More to come…


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