An open letter that was initially for the editors of scientific publications…

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Concepts That Shift Paradigms
by Bruce E. Camber (first draft)

Precis. In 2001 Frank Wilczek wrote three “Scaling Mt. Planck” articles.* In 2004, when he won the Nobel (with Gross and Politzer), those Physics Today articles became priceless! Planck’s base units had been grossly undervalued for over 100 years. In December 2011 our geometry classes had applied base-2 notation to the Planck units and mapped the universe in 202 notations. Those articles helped us, so I wanted to thank Wilczek and ask a few questions. In January 2013, we met in his MIT office. He encouraged us high school people to continue to study the Planck Length. We did. Yet, the more we studied, the more we realized that our simple construction was idiosyncratic when compared to Stephen Hawking’s big bang cosmology. We were sure that we were missing something within simple logic. Yet, on occasion we wondered about Hawking’s work. I thought, “Maybe we aren’t overlooking something basic. Maybe we are on the right track.” -BEC

The scientific community has been spinning its wheels as if on ice. Incrementalism doesn’t solve big problems. That’s the domain of a paradigm shift. Lots of folks shift a little. Witten, Langlands, Rovelli perhaps shifted more, but still their wheels continue to spin.

Wilczek and his analysis of the Planck units gave us confidence that our 202 base-2 notations were not stupid. It was, however, a bit disconcerting to learn that we were the first to lift up the 202. Though we still need help to deepen our understanding of the Planck base units, that was the beginning of our paradigm shift. Rather slowly the three — Planck, Wilczek and our 202 — pushed us to see the need to redefine space-time-infinity. We had encapsulated the universe from the first instant of the universe. We had everything, everywhere for all time. That convergence of concepts helped shift our paradigm beyond those 2011 activities in the high school geometry classes in New Orleans.

For us it was the penultimate STEM tool. Then, I began thinking that linear time could be very individual and tied to a personal sleep cycle, “Perhaps we recompile linear time into universal time during sleep.” I’ve started to work on it. If taken as a whole, i.e. 202 notations and the totality of 13.81 billion years, a typical 24 hour period would be an infinitesimally-small sliver of an otherwise symmetric universe. Even the 11 day-25 minute world record for sleep deprivation1 is still an infinitesimal sliver.

Euler’s base-2 system applied to the Planck base units seems to hold some promise.

Most of us hold the reigns of our imaginations too tightly. Although there is a lot of highly-speculative science bordering on fantasy configurations with specialized concepts and language, our editors of our scientific publications keep that toned down. Yet, they might do well to have an occasional analysis of an idiosyncratic idea (as well as a crackpot idea). It seems that this work is often placed in both groups! I say, “C’est la vie,” thinking, “Somebody has to step out of line just to shake things up.” Yet none of our work has special concepts and special names. Our work is about seeing what we have in new ways.

Questions should always be raised, especially about the work of our most highly-regarded thought leaders. Sometimes we lift people and their theories so high, they become ethereal and untouchable, although they can still be wrong. The story of Aristotle’s mistake with a simple geometry that went on for 1800 years is the extreme. That the academic community keeps forgetting and ignoring that history should be popping up read flags and tripping alarm bells.

It just may be that we will never quite understand quantum fluctuations until we actually understand a geometry of fluctuations. The pentagonal gap that Aristotle missed and other pentagonal gaps that the rest of science has yet to discover may be keys.

The elephant in the room. We don’t even have a very good understanding of circles and spheres. We celebrate pi each year without digging deeper into its meanings, colors, and charm. We are so stuck in our little worldviews that we haven’t a clue that an integrated view of the universe is possible. We’ve been linear for so long, anything exponential is easily questioned and dismissed.

It’s been ten years now. For my friends who ask, “How do you verify any of your conjectures?”, I.wrote “Prove it to me.” The URL is: Every page of this website is a struggle with it, particularly From Perfected States to Gaps & Fluctuations. It could open new doors. Eight Initial ConditionsAnswering “Yes” starts a paradigm shift, and today’s homepage (and the next homepage) will bring you current.

We’ve told our story about our high school geometry classes hundreds of times and how in the process we discovered the universe. It’s all a stretch! But incrementalism, it’s not. Thank you.


Endnotes & Footnotes

Footnotes and endnotes are being considered, July 2022. We’re going over it all one more time. Want to help us work on it (or the next homepage)? All thoughts and ideas will be welcomed.


[1] Randy Gardner sleep deprivation experiment – Wikipedia, retrieved June 14, 2022

References & Resources

A number of new journal articles are opened on the desktop.

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•  Ard A. Louis, Oxford, UK, June 18, 2022
•  Jonathan Doye, Oxford, UK, June 17, 2022
•  Sean Carroll, Caltech, Pasadena, June 17, 2022
•  James Glimm, Stony Brook, Long Island, New York, State University, June 14, 2022
•  Frank Wilczek, MIT, Arizona State University, Wilczek Quantum Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Stockholm University, June 14, 2022



7:36 PM · Jun 22, 2022 @cajundiscordian A little known fact is that there are 202 base-2 notations from the Planck Time to the current time. Among many implications is a redefinition of time and infinity: is a start. If you get it, I’d be glad to chat. -the Twitter account of Blake Lemoine of Google

4:13 PM · Jun 15, 2022 @pagiraud Thankfully we all change; and, eventually grow up. I caught your page where you “go vulgar” to explain what you think is extreme integration. It’s not. Everything-Everywhere-For-All-Time is. Believe it or not, “extreme Integration” is what the universe is: Take a look:

12:15 PM · Jun 10, 2022 @carlorovelli You’ll always be a favorite! You are timeless. Now, if time begins with Planck Time, and the 202 base-2 notations to this day-hour-minute-second are all active, all we need to do is recompile within Notation-202 with sleep. (still rough)

8:08 AM · Jun 9, 2022 @7homaslin @nattyover Congrats. You all have been doing sensational work for ten years. Natalie has been excellent, but many others are as well. I’ve written a letter to you here — The top of that page is my tribute to the magazine and to Simons people.



The world is increasingly nihilistic. More and more of it is becoming dystopian. We all need to do something. I say, “Adopt an integrated view of the universe whereby we all begin to profoundly understand that what we do, each and every moment, effects the quality of life within this universe.” -BEC


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