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Sun-MoonHighly-Integrated Universe View Provides Insights To Old Questions


Who-What-Why-When: This project was initiated by Bruce Camber with the encouragement of two other teachers, Steve Curtis and Kathy Boucvalt, and about eighty high school students. 1 They began to explore a simple model of the universe using base-2 notation from the Planck Scale to the Age of the Universe.2 The result was a chart of the physical universe with just 202 notations.3  This project began on Monday, December 19, 2011.4

Where: Initial work began in a private high school, up river from the French Quarter and down river from New Orleans International Airport.

Why: The project began as a result of studying embedded or encapsulated geometries.5 It is also known as combinatoric geometry, a study of parts-whole relations. They quickly discovered Kees Boeke’s 1957  base-10 work. 6 It had no Planck units, no geometry, no simple doublings. It was contextual not analytical, yet at least there was a prior effort to chart the universe with exponential notation (base-10). It took two years to confirm the uniqueness of a base-2 chart and another two years to begin to understand why this simple model had been overlooked for so long.7

The simple logic and simple math-and-geometry have been so compelling and sustaining, even when the model was not affirmed by the scholarly community or general public, our little group slowly pushed forward believing it was a good STEM tool.

This Model Redefines Space-Time-Light-and-Infinity.

Easy to say… yet since Newton’s work in the 1680s, nobody has redefined the two bedrocks of commonsense, space-and-time,8 in a way that actually encourages people to begin understand the nature of light 9 and the finite-infinite transformations10, all in order to adopt an integrated view of our universe11 and to begin to set aside limited worldviews, incoherent religious views12, and all those resulting behaviors, especially solipsism and narcissism.13

Three Key Pages Of This Website:

•  Concepts To Grasp A Simple Model Of The Universe  https://81018.com/2017/10/16/eight/

•  On the Nature of Space and Time https://81018.com/spacetime/

•  Access to all the homepages: https://81018.com/homepages/   Index

Is this model worthy of our time?

• As a totally-integrated, simple, logical, mathematical model of the universe, it asks us to rethink the nature of space and time, the finite-infinite relation, and the very nature of light. So, certainly that all seems to be worthy of our time.

•  The little ratio for light, Planck Length-to-Planck time holds within a statistical range from the small scale (Notations 1-67) through the “human scale” (Notations 67 to 134) and through the large-scale universe (134-202). Well beyond visible light, this redefinition of light as a ratio opens the path to see light as consciousness at specific notations projected to be between Notations 50 and 60 (Systems), as basic relations which would include ethics and values, possibly Notations 40-to-50 and as basic qualities, the encodings of the senses, perhaps Notation 30-to-40.

•  It appears to logically open up the first notations for a systematic, mathematical construction of the universe. Within the first 64 notations —  17 of those being prime numbers — there is enough space for those mathematical systems that have never been mapped to a grid of the universe. http://81018/number

More to come

Footnotes – Endnotes – Links

1. The first people to be involved  https://81018.com/people/
2. Early explorations of base-2  https://81018.com/2014/12/01/door/
3. A chart of 202 notations  https://81018.com/chart/
4. Historical overviewiews  https://81018.com/home/
5. Encapsulated and embedded geometries https://81018.com/tot
6. Kees Boeke’s base-10 https://81018.com/2014/12/01/door#Kees
7. Why now for this unique model https://81018.com/why-now/
8. Newton’s Space and time https://81018.com/2017/10/16/eight/#Facelift
9.  The Nature of Light https://81018.com/2017/10/16/eight/#Light
10. Finite-Infinite transformations https://81018.com/2017/10/16/eight/#Rebirth
11. An Integrated Views,  being whole https://81018.com/ethics/
12. Values values https://81018.com/value/

13. Solipsism, Narcissism, Dystopia https://81018.com/dystopia/


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