The Great Divide


Are we divided down cosmological lines?
by Bruce Camber

Many of us are asking, “What is it that so stridently divides us?” To which I ask rhetorically, “Could it be our cosmological orientation?” I know there are many people, if not most, on both sides of the divide who’d protest, “But, I don’t have a cosmology!” Yet, with just a few questions, we’d find one. And, what looks like tolerance and openness on one side looks like intolerance and rigidness on the other.

How could that be?

Big Bang Cosmology is the generally accepted theory around the world about the beginning of the universe. There are a lot of open questions and many dissenting scientists and academics, but, to date, no alternative theory has gotten traction.

The Big Bang theory is part of the elite. The television comedy of the same title captures the spirit of the intelligentsia, the privileged insiders who know so much more than others. Stephen Hawking, their leader, does not suffer fools gladly and is superbly confident that he has the right answers.

Those people around the world who were out protesting the day after the 2017 POTUS inauguration, de facto or de jure, hang with the big bang people.

Those who attended the inauguration or were among the millions who appreciatively watched on television also have a cosmology. More often than not, it is clothed within religious beliefs; and for them, those beliefs trump big bang cosmology. For many, if not most, their Infinite is the creator and sustainer of the Universe. No further questions. Most within this group are superbly confident that they are right.

Those who protested are sure the 45th president of the USA is about to take away rights and privileges. Those who supported the inauguration are sure the Democrats would continue to swamp the country with debt until the ship sinks and dystopia reigns.

Who is right?

Many within both groups are so hung up in their belief system, there is very little tolerance for a new way out of this mess. Yet, I think there is. It is so simple, we just might begin to listen to the words of the great physicist, John Wheeler, when he said, “…surely an idea so simple, so beautiful, that when we grasp it — in a decade, a century, or a millennium – we will all say to each other, how could it have been otherwise?”

Big bang cosmology is complex; there are many bakers of that old cake. Our model is young, just a pipsqueak, yet already it goes by one of three names: Quiet Expansion, An Integrated UniverseView or The Big Board-little universe.
It is a simple cosmology that allows for a huge diversity of opinions and expressions, all except for one, big bang cosmology. It would politely say,
“It lacks finesse.” More… And a bit more…

News / Research opens for business: There are many websites associated with these efforts. Most attempt to capture historical moments in time and to analyze its possible role within academic work. There hasn’t been a place for personal reflections. That changes today.

Universe View: What is your expertise? There are many blanks; and all cells — over 2000 of them — will always be “under construction.”

Top Stories

Three Key Reasons Why
The Big Bang Boom Is Over

1. There is a more simple model that uses base-2 notation that is entirely mathematically-and- geometrically predictive.
2. This simple model captures each of the currently-defined big bang epochs and all that science without the need for a bang.
3. This model uses the same process that drives all biological processes, a natural inflation, that starts at the beginning of the universe and proceeds to this very moment.

Big bang cosmologists have been ducking the hard questions
that place their theory within a proper perspective, it’s just a theory.

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