If we start with the Planck base units, we’ll begin to see our entire universe.

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Steps to an integrated view of the universe
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By Bruce E. Camber (a working draft)

•  Yes, there is a paradigm shift involved.
Worldviews are just too small.[1] Worldviews do not have a working theory of the origins of this universe that account for the very first moment of time. The seemingly most logical place to start is with space-time at the Planck scale. So, we hypothesize that it all starts with an infinitesimal sphere governed by pi (π). It is a perfect framework for extruding, stacking, and packing every possible geometry [2] including Langlands programs, string-and M-theory, SUSY, and others. And, all these key studies of our universe are more readily understood by being contained and ordered within the 202 notations of a base-2 expansion of the Planck units.

•  It’s a working model.
It’s the equations of mathematics that intimately binds all things, everywhere, for all time. Not an abstract theory, even simple math applies to people. Our most solipsistic people, include the most power-hungry, all with limited worldviews, will begin to evolve as people adopt a highly-integrated, mathematical view of our universe. It has a natural ethics and values. It is the qualitative within pi — continuity-symmetry-harmony — that are faces of perfection, feel infinite but are finite, and as such, create an ever greater diversity of finite-infinite relations.

Because there is evil, we all — from me to you to our reconstruction banks — have work to do.

•  Always in context with the entire universe…
We’ve started with first principles, foundations, and building blocks, then assumptions, presuppositions, and now a checklist to test our understanding of things.

•  So, let’s summarize:
•  There is a clear finite-infinite relation based on continuity-symmetry-harmony within pi (π).
•  An infinitesimal sphere emerges. Our Universe Clock starts.
•  Tredecillions of such spheres emerge every second. Here is the expansion of the universe.
•  Base-2 notation tracks everything, everywhere for all time. [3]

There will always be more to come. Here are some indicators:
• Hypothesis: Gravity & Electromagnetism Start Within the First Spheres.
• Redefining point particles, points, and vertices



1 This universe. Science, math and logic tend to work themselves into silos within specific worldviews. It will take the full scope of the universe to discover deeper connections that transcend space and time. Within these studies, everything, everywhere for all time can be encapsulated within 202 base-2 notations. Check the numbers. The most essential mathematics of the universe is all in just 202 steps. The first year takes us from Notation-0 to Notation-169. Discover facets and patterns that make our universe work — continuity-symmetry-and harmony.

By contrast, beginning in February 2022, Vladimir Putin’s decisions have created discontinuity, asymmetry, and no harmony. His decisions run right up against the very fabric of the universe. Vladimir Putin’s decisions are debasing the best within the legacy of Russia. Instead of expanding his country, it may now start fraying along every boundary; it could come completely apart.

I said in a note to him, “You need help. You’ve lost it.”

2 The Finite-infinite Debates. Just put all the historic talk out to pasture. The ubiquitous sphere gives us both sides of the story. The finite is measurable. The infinite is not. Don’t make it complicated. The infinite is continuity, symmetry and harmony. Yes, it’s the fabric of the universe. That’s a start. The finite and infinite work together, hand-and-glove.

3 Exponential Not Linear. We all first learn to add and subtract. That’s linear. That’s in the flow of time. To grasp its essence, we have to learn to multiply-and-divide. The most simple is by 2. The universe is a system whereby the very first moment of space-and-time is still an active facet of the whole. The first second of time is not until after Notation-142. The first year of time is not until after Notation-169. The first 1000 years is within Notation-179. The first million years is within Notation-189. The first billion years is within Notation-199. Notation-200 holds the second and third billion years. Notation-201 holds five billion years and finally our Sun and Solar System have emerged.

All notations up to Notation-201 added together is 5.4908 billion years. Notation-201 is 5.4908 billion years. That is 10.9816 billion years. The universe is estimated to be around the 13.81 billion years mark. It would appear that we are within the first 2.83 billion years of Notation-202. Everything, everywhere, for all time, all the new, all the imperfect, and all the perfect is still manifest.


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• Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO, director, Monday, March 28, 2022, Friday, Feb 25, 2022
Werner Hoyer, President, European Investment Bank, Mar 16, 2022, and colleagues
Lobsang Tenzin Negi, PhD, Emory, Atlanta, April 1, 2022
Ulrike Tillmann, Oxford Math and Cambridge Isaac Newton Institute director, 12 April 2022
Ed Witten, Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton) 13 April 2022


Other communications and Instant Messages

28 March 2022: @AA_Sushentsov I think you understand that our worldviews generate behavior yet all worldviews are too small. An integrated view of the universe tells us so much more: https://81018.com is just a start where continuity-symmetry-harmony define a very different baseline.

April 1, 2022 @Disney The magic is within the unknown, the creative, the freedom to express, not within worldviews that are necessarily incomplete. We need a highly-integrated view of the universe. A simple start is here: https://81018.com

6 April 2022 @SolveMIT How about solving this little puzzle? There are 202 base-2 notations from the Planck units to the age and size of the universe: https://81018.com/chart/ The first 64 doublings are well below the threshold of measurement. Is it the domain of Langlands, strings, SUSY? What’s there?


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