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Stephen Hawking & now his foundation

Died: March 14, 2018
Centre for Theoretical Cosmology
Cambridge University, Cambridge, England

CV PhD thesis
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References within this website:
• Stephen Hawking was on our homepage.  
Also: https://81018.com/2016/10/16/infinite/
• Hawking was the world’s leading advocate for the big bang theory. In 1975 he published his first major book about it. In 2012 we were just starting our rather idiosyncratic studies within this domain. By 2014 we began to realize that our little model just might have key numbers for each epoch as theorized by big bang advocates. Surely if the simplicity of these numbers begins to resonate, we would hope to receive some acknowledgement from someone within the University of Cambridge, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). 
• Hawking’s “…infinitely small, infinitely hot, infinitely dense point…” full quote.
• Our first email: August 3, 2014

Most recent email: Saturday, 22 September 2018

TO: Stephen Hawking Foundation
RE: Absolute space and time

To whom it may concern:

In 2011 we backed into an excellent STEM tool applying base-2 exponentiation to the Planck base units. We are still struggling to understand each doubling. From the 67th to the 202nd, current science does its work. That is, those notations go from the scale starting at the edges of measurement by accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and proceeds to the current expansion, yes, to the size and age of the universe within the 202nd notation. Because the project started in a high school geometry class and was tested among 6th grades in the primary school, we know it is a terrific organizing tool (STEM), but we believe it can be so much more.

Is this the kind of project about which your foundation would like to learn more and might consider supporting? Thank you.

Most sincerely,
Bruce Camber

PS. We have already engaged some of the leading institutes of the world to help with some of the data sets. With your encouragement we would gladly engage centers close to your work, such as the Perimeter Institute of Waterloo, Ontario, to work with us. -BEC

Final Tweet:  Monday, October 17, 2016

https://81018.com/ and https://81018.com/infinite/ re-opens the 1983 No Boundary Proposal. @tegmark Nice pic of the Mad Hawk

Final email:  Friday, October 7, 2016 at 7:47 PM

Dear Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking:

Big bang cosmology may not be necessary; a more simple, comprehensive and predictive model may be found in base-2 notation from the Planck scale to the Age of the Universe.  Even the needed inflation is defined within base-2 expansion. It is all so simple, once you know  you know it! Though you and your theory have been attacked since your earliest papers in the 1970s, never has a simple, more comprehensive, alternative model been offered. It has now.

Our offering has slowly evolved since December 2011. We never imagined at that time that we would be coming up inside and behind the big bang cosmology. Never did we imagine that we would engage numbers in such new ways. Never did we imagine that we would have such cause to write to you!

Those who  begin to study the numbers generated by using base-2 from the Planck base units quickly see it. It is that simple.

No less than forty years of research and development, hundreds of thousands of articles, books, conferences, discussions and videos will have to be redressed. It is OK because the big bang has always been problematic at best; it is poor philosophy and rather debilitating psychology.

Intellectual integrity is on the line.  And, it involves the intellectual integrity of the diverse cultures of our world.

I am hoping against hope that you will earnestly look at the numbers. What is wrong with them?   If there is something there, perhaps we can open the doors on a future based on the continuity, symmetry and harmony inherent within this simple model. It will be a sharp contrast with the nihilism inherent within the big bang.

Thank you.
Most sincerely,
* * * * *
Bruce Camber, USA


Our second email:  June 30, 2016 at 5:18 PM

References: Is is possible that a quiet expansion defuses the big bang?

Dear Jonathan (and Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking):

On June 1 that article (linked just above) to which I referred you earlier this month will finally be our “first draft.” This model, based on a rather quiet expansion of the Planck base units using base-2 exponential notation, begins to redefine the first four epochs that define the start of the big bang theory. The Planck Epoch has become the Planck Moment; the Grand Unification Epoch has become a process and your Inflationary and Electroweak Epochs have also become processes.

Just below, I will insert our introduction from our quite-large, horizontally-scrolled chart and I will post this email within our “Letters” for our 3000+ scholars with whom we communicate around the globe.

Of course, we will inform you and the people of the DAMPT of our progress or lack of it.

I send you our best wishes for your well-being and that of all the DAMPT people,

Most sincerely,

Bruce Camber, USA
https://81018.com/  and  http://bblu.org

Redefining the big bang theory through this quiet expansion of 201+ notations:
The following three questions need to be addressed by this simple mathematical model of the universe called Quiet Expansion (QE):
1. Can this quiet expansion defuse the big bang theory? The math within the QE model redefines the first four and most-key elements of the big bang theory (bbt). If it is defused and becomes an historic statement, From Lemaître to Hawking, science can move on within well-prescribed boundary conditions and known parameters. The first four “epochs” of the big bang theory can readily be subjected to redefinition. These “epochs” amount to less than a trillionth-of-a-trillionth a second.
2. Are ethics and values built into the fabric of the universe? The QE model establishes a simple continuity equation from the first moment in time through the Age of the Universe to this day and this moment. These simple mathematical constructions quickly evolve as geometrical constructions and symmetry groups. These become dynamic and harmonic. Continuity, symmetry and harmony are the foundations for a natural value equation deep-seated within the universe. Most every flavor of ethics, morals, and values can be appreciated for what they do and don’t do, and for why they are.
3. How can we more fully understand the finite-infinite relation? This finite-infinite relation is perhaps best described as a study of perfection and moments of perfection and that the geometries and mathematics of imperfection are also better defined and understood as a result.

Planck Moment: The finite-infinite relation most intimately defines the first notation and is necessarily within all notations building from the first. An infinitesimally short duration, it is the beginning that creates space and time and then extends within space and time much like the birthing process. The Planck base units are our simplest-deepest-best description of this moment as of today.

Grand Unification and the Electroweak Processes: Based on the fact that entities and things require a necessary amount of space that only becomes available from the 67th notation and above, the first 60 to 66 notations are foundational to all notations. Using the analogy of the birthing process, all the forms-and-functions, then processes-and-procedures, and then relations-and-systems prior to the actual birthing event, are the first 60 or so notations. Here that finite-infinite relation creates the foundational order, the most basic relations, and many dynamical systems prior to the uniqueness of every reasonable analogue to the birthing event.

The Grand Unification processes continue beyond the 67th notation as specific Unification processes. The electroweak processes now begin to manifest and the measurements given by the big bang theorists can be tweaked and integrated within the quiet expansion model.

Inflationary Processes: Just as there are still many many questions about cellular division, there are even more open questions within this model. However, the force, the infinitesimal amount of energy, available to this process are working ratios of the Planck base units whereby order, relations, and dynamics evolve with a perfect continuity, perfect symmetry, and a deep harmony within every sphere and basic structure. This concept was initially put forth as a philosophical orientation to life, and then it was explored in a post about numbers called, On Constructing the Universe From Scratch (pp.5f).

Our first email: August 3, 2014

My dear Prof. Dr. Stephen Hawking:

I think a high school geometry class, although very rough around the edges with major conceptual leaps, is closing in on a very real, elegant, simple model of the universe that involves base-2 exponential notations to define the boundary conditions from the Planck Length to the Observable Universe including 3D tilings that begin with the tetrahedral-octahedral truss, then considers the parallel construct to music and takes Kepler one step further so we might have some harmony within this little universe.

You may enjoy it: https://81018.com/2014/05/21/propaedeutics/     Thanks.



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