1000+ Simple Calculations Chart An Exponential Universe

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chart Above are the first 72 base-2 notations out of a total of 202 that create a simple matrix for everything, everywhere for all time. It’s not a theory or vision,  it’s just math.

Big Board-little universe · Exponential Universe · Quiet Expansion

”This all started on December 19, 2011.”

• “We’re in dialogue with the universe.” – Charles Jenks
• Seven reasons to go further.
• Concepts to grasp a simple model of the Universe
We live in an Exponential Universe!
• The Thrust of the Universe: What is it? (first draft)
• Visualizing the Universe (working notes)
Measuring an Expanding Universe Using Planck Units (first draft)

Key Homepages:

First Principles
Key Equations
Help! Langlands Expert?
An Index of the 202

Exponential Universe (2017-

• The fourth chart (horizontally scrolled): Planck base units 1 to 202
• NASA’s Space App Challenge and Hackathon
• The Universe Clock
• Speculations & Summaries: Small Scale, Human Scale, Large Scale
• “Exponential universe” becomes an expression.
• 202 Doublings of the Planck Base Units

Key homepages:

Langlands I, IIIII, IV
Big Bang Symbol
Letter to Editor

Quiet Expansion (Systems-Systems, 2015-2016)

• The third chart (vertically-scrolled): Planck base units from 202 to 1
• The first 64 doublings are the Wheat & Chessboard story.
• Why now? Why hasn’t this been done before?

Key Homepage:

On the Nature
of Space and Time

An Integrated UniverseView (2014: Self doubts)

• A second chart: The Universe Table
• Parsing the issues involved: 15 Key Insights
• Raising questions in light of current scientific problems

Key homepage:

Neil Turok takes down
Stephen Hawking

The First Models (2011-2013)

• The first article on the web
• Article written for Wikipedia (March 2012)
• Article for publication (never published)


Key Homepages:

Natural Inflation


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