What is love?

On St. Valentine’s Day 2017   (in process — from this day)

In light of the universe, love is…

I don’t know.” Yes, our knowledge of love is quite young. Some folks may be maturing a bit; most of us are like a baby. Our civics and our math-and-sciences are just starting to wake up yet we have such a long way to go.

It’s an active universe view.” Sounds silly, but if love is defined as wholeness, fullness, or being “at one” with the universe through another person, wee have a long way to go to figure that out. To that end, as most of our readers know, our high school kids created an integrated view of the universe with just over 200 notations. We used base-2 exponential notation from the Planck base units (the smallest measurements) to the Age of the Universe today (the largest using Planck Time). Here is a simple-but-comprehensive start to awaken our sensitivities to our world and community — https://81018.com/chart — and it opens all of life to us.  Using multiplication and division by 2, we see ourselves in light of an intimately-related universe. Sounds crazy, but it’s not.  We are discovering how and why to be civil within our science and math lessons!

Continuity and order, relations with symmetries, and dynamics with harmony give us our direction. And through it all, we have learned how it is that love (symmetry) is the greatest of all things and truly abides.

Much more to come…