Our shell particle is infinitesimally smaller than a core-shell particle.

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The first particle is anything but simple. It is the encapsulation of many facets of the infinite and the bridge between the finite-and-infinite. It is projected to be a shell for hypothetical particles as well as all known particles. Within the first 64 base-2 notations, the possible configurations within that shell are virtually infinite. Might we project that Langland programs, strings and M-theory, and SUSY can all be worked into the dynamics of that progression of 64 base-2 notations?

At the Planck scale, our shell particle is at least 64 orders of magnitude smaller than core–shell particles.

Our shell particle is defined by the four Planck base units, pi (π), continuity-symmetry-harmony (qua facets of infinity), and the other dimensionless constants defining those Planck base units. The spin states with particle physics originate within the spherical dynamics of pi, particularly the known spin orientations of the Fourier transform.

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