Wrong since 1687, we can start to get it right.


The absolutes of Newton still throw us off.

Big bang cosmology went further; its singularity dumped the qualitative 
  for narcissism, solipsism, nihilism, and dystopia (what values?  politics!)
• Think of things in terms of the entire universe! You can!
  Everything, everywhere for all time is encapsulated in 202 base-2 notations.
Just 436,117,076,900,000,000 seconds (13.8 billion years) There’s more
This pretty little universe, described by two words, homogeneity and isotropy

Ways to open up the entire universe

First, there is a finite-infinite passageway.
Second, get to know light! Grasp a new space-time.
Third, see the two other faces of light: matter-energy (and you).
Fourth, there is no dark matter and dark energy; it’s a continuum.

Basic concepts and simple facts

Speed of light confirmed mathematically. So now, what is the nature of light?
• Our base-2 exponential model (goes to a little history). Mathematically-
integrated universe in just 202 notations (goes to the actual numbers).
Absolutes go back in the box.
Sphere stacking, tetrahedrons, and octahedrons come out of the box.

Go out on the edge. Warning, still rough…

Planckspheres, spheres, a natural inflation, and a doubling,
Cubic close packing and period doubling bifurcation
Fourier transform at the Planck scale
Poincare, Gauss, Hilbert, Euler

Planck Length to the atom is like the atom to the Solar System. We all have a lot to learn about the infinitesimal! What if… Some ask,Is this a real model? Really? Why now?

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