Eight radical departures from the norm

Chart96 of 202 notations from the horizontally-scrolled chart of the universe from the beginning of time

A Different Framework To Define the Universe

by Bruce Camber Initiated, January 10, 2020. Simplified Version: https://81018.com/arxiv/  Also reached using the right arrow just above or by clicking on the title. Thank you. -BEC  Today: https://81018.com/aether/ Talk?
ABSTRACT. By applying base-2 to the Planck scale units (actual numbers) of length, time, mass, and charge, a_very simple model of the universe is created with 202 notations (doublings, groups, jumps, steps, or sets). As an exponential container, it beckons the development of new concepts and hypotheses about our universe:
First, there is no absolute space and time. Here space and time are redefined; these two cornerstones of our experience and logic are relational, finite and quantitative; both are derivative of light and each other and Planck Mass and Planck Charge.
Second, there is no infinitely-hot start. Following the simple logic, this model of the universe starts close to absolute zero, yet within less than a second, at Notation-136, the temperate supports the Quark-Gluon Plasma at 1012 kelvin.
Third, the finite-infinite relation has a restrictive definition based on a limited understanding of sphere stacking and the geometries generated from cubic-close packing of equal spheres and the Fourier transform. Here infinity is the concresence of continuity, symmetry and harmony.
Fourth, this concresence creates a moment and thrust toward perfection and the first notations are defined by that perfection. Quantum fluctuations do not occur immediately, perhaps not until Notation-59 or higher.
Fifth, everything, everywhere for all time is uniquely defined and constantly redefined based on activities within the emergent moment. Dark matter and dark energy are defined by the first moment of physicality, Notation-1, to the the first thresholds of actual measurement in and around Notation-64.
Sixth, consciousness is the integration of the current time (Notation-202) with a yet-to-be-determined number of prior notations, probably all of them.
Seventh, sleep is the recurring recompile of any given period of wakefulness with the rest of the universe. It can be understood to be part of symmetry that sustains life.
Eighth, the simple logic and geometry of this model are open to everyone.


From Infinity to Base-2 Notation to ConsciousnessThe finite-infinite relation has been consistently-and-badly abused by people throughout the millennia. The concept of infinity was_the key problem so mathematically rigorous work-arounds were developed to avoid it altogether. Going back to 1970, I thought infinity could best be defined by three concepts:January2020

  1. continuity (renders order – numbers),
  2. symmetry (renders relations – geometries),
  3. harmony (renders dynamics – numbers-and-geometries).

My studies of scientific anomalies and quantum fluctuations, opened questions about possible transformations between the finite and infinite. My hypothesis was, that if taken together, the three would necessarily define a_moment of perfection.

There was a problem. Without a framework, those concepts were just words.

In  2011, we applied base-2 exponentiation to the Planck base units. A logical and mathematical framework of 202 notations (or doublings) encapsulated the finite universe; that chart by definition included “everything, everywhere, for all time.” It’s a real mathematical and logical framework, a very different construct for space and time. Along that continuum there are new insights into some of our most basic questions.

New academic insights are difficult, yet when one begins to grasp the largest possible continua for space and time, discovering new possibilities becomes a bit easier.

For example, there is no infinitely-hot start.

Here there are real numbers for time, length, mass and charge.  These numbers make it easier to intuit the forms and functions along those 202 notations. Notation-1 is the first doubling, an actual moment of space and time with actual physical definitions. It is a cold start. Base-2 is a natural progression, a natural inflation, and a most-simple emergence. The first 64 doublings are well below the thresholds of our measuring devices, yet 264 as we have learned from the wheat and chessboard stories, offers more than enough doublings for simplicity to become complexity (even with a diversity of entanglements). Then come the particles and waves. By Notation-202 the universe as we know it is unfolding. Within just this current notation, Notation-202, there is most of the history of the solar system to date. There is all of our human history (approximately 400,000 years); and  there is the current time that continues to unfold at this moment redefining the entire universe.

Just a second

The first 64 notations provide the earliest foundations of the universe within an extremely short duration. The first general measurement of a duration (using today’s tools), the attosecond, is not until the 84th notation. From close to absolute zero at Notation-1 to 2×1012 Kelvin at Notation-136, the temperature is in the range to create the Quark-Gluon Plasma.

The very first second is within Notation-143. According to these numbers, within that particular moment, our universe is like a neutron star and within an area defined by 299,792 kilometers.

By the 167th notation, a  rich and robust universe is presented within just 116.73 days of activity (a light year is coming quickly). If you were to look at just the Planck Length doubling, the universe measures 3.0234 trillion kilometers, putting it well beyond our little Solar System  (Note: Current astronomy has it as small as 4.503 billion kilometers across and no larger than 23 billion kilometers). The expanse of a light year is 9.5 trillion kilometers. Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our own, is only 40 trillion kilometers (4.3 light-years) from our sun.

Most of today’s scholars focus on Notations-197 to 202

The best of our experts, all today’s astrophysicists and cosmologists, attempt to look back as far as they can. Their large-scale structures of the universe begin at about the 300-million year mark which is from around Notation-197 (343.15 million years) to Notation-198 (686.806 million years). Some of our scholars are studying the first 400,000 years (between Notation-187 and Notation-188).

The Planck units, especially the first 187 notations, warrant our closer study and scrutiny. In 2020, most of our scholars are still unaware of these base-2 notations.

A little review and some observations

Progressively dynamic. In this model of the universe every notation necessarily builds on the prior.  It seems at this stage in our work that the simplest doubling action is sphere stacking. Introduced in prior postings, there are scholarly experts in the area of cubic close-packing of equal spheres who will be engaged to help us bring that work forward to include Poincaré’s sphere, the Fourier transform and the Lorentz transformations. One of our goals is to find experts (scholars) who are working on applications at the Planck scale.

Within those first 64 notations, there is enough doubling action to become quite robust and textured. There is quite “enough room” for all the scholarly work within the Langlands programs and even all the work within string theory. Although that sounds like quite a stretch, within those first 64 notations, there are many-many, more key ideas to emerge.  With every doubling there are forms and functions that could be added, yet not arbitrarily. Forms and functions emerge from all prior notations. At this stage within our development we are still guessing about the earliest forms and functions. We need the Langlands programs (with all the mathematics of their automorphic forms) and string theory (with the insights of people like Ed Witten)  to help!

Stepping back to look at the nature of time and space. In this model, both have lost their absoluteness. Both have become much more relational and dynamically involved with the essence of things. Neither time nor space is an abstract (or absolute) container for action. One should say that spacetime is always within everything, uniquely-defined within any given moment, and it cannot be extracted quite so absolutely as Isaac Newton proposed. There is no singular time. Within this model, all time-and-space is always active.

George Lucas & Yoda

There is no past. That is such a radical concept, and quite disorienting, it will take many more years to ponder and explore.

Pop Culture Our Imaginations Are Running Overtime. Within current scholarship, subjects like superluminality  (faster-than-light activity), emergence, and entanglement are popular topics of discussion. We have become a Star Wars people. Notwithstanding, there are many scholarly papers that wrestle with facets of the superluminal, emergence, and entanglement. Our base-2 model gives our scholars a very different container for the development of those concepts and hypotheses.

To date, there are eight key points that emerged from these studies. Because these do not reflect current scholarship, each bears repeating so each can be directly challenged. These are the most radical and fundamental claims of this website:

The Communications Network: Transversing all 202 notations at the speed of light. We are slowly learning how our universe is not linear but exponential. It is defined by 202 notations. And, we currently move and have our being within Notation-202 and it will unfold for another 10+ billion years. It has directionality. All other notations have 100% symmetry. If our universe is around 13.81 billion years and Notation-202 is 10.9816 billion years in total duration and all the prior notations also add up to 10.9816 billion years, only 2.8284 billion years of Notation-202 have unfolded.

It is all connected —  cross-connected and inter-connected. In our brief time studying this model, we can see connections (1) across all notations (base-2), across select notations (base-3, base-4, base-5 and so on) and “local connections” throughout a given notation which are linear and where the speed of light is uniquely defined (see line 10 of the horizontal-scrolled chart).

It would seem that we traverse within a notation and transverse across notations.

If at the speed of light, transversing the universe, notation-to-notation, could begin to account for what is perceived as superluminal. Within a notation the speed of light would be our governor (speed limiter or controller).

Prime Numbers

From Notation-1 to Notation-202 there are 45 primes. Each notation that is a prime number uniquely opens the diversity of our mathematics, yet always within our current 202 notational steps, always within base-2 connections, and then extending that uniqueness and complexity with base-3, base-4, base-5 and so on.

In one section of the site, we will continue to explore each notation and every possible connection with every other notation.  More…  

From Identity to Consciousness

Questions about the deep nature of life. At some point within this universe, the organic emerged from the inorganic. That would qualify as a “prime notational development.” That is a notation that is a prime number. Prime numbers are a deep and abiding study. There are prime number experts with whom we will be consulting. Notwithstanding, we know that a prime number opens an opportunity for uniqueness. Although within the continuum with a common root within base-2, there is a new cavity for new development. Besides the commonality of base-2, that new prime opening is also extended with base-3, base-4, base-5, base-6, base-7, base-8, base-9 and so on.  The limit of those extensions is base-67 within Notation-3 which would be Notation-201.

At another point, plant life became fish and then animal life;  that would be another prime notational development. And, with yet another prime, sentience or consciousness manifests. Within this model we anticipate that it could be either prime Notation-47, 53 or 59.

To the best of our knowledge (which is quite limited), that consciousness first occurred within Notation-202 and it did not happen in an earlier notation. It would seem that it requires a human being. Yet, we postulate that human beings actually evolve from many other notations. How many? I would answer, “Depends.” Perhaps it depends on how intimately one knows each notation. Every notation is actualizing within Notation-202, but if we do not know it, how could we grasp or “see” it?  Possibly, as one integrates notational awareness, everything else becomes easier. If I were a betting person, I would wager that here are continuity equations that track back from the individual that sustain some quality from each and every notation. …just a hunch.

Continuity equations originating from all the dimensionless constants. These continuity equations all become unique mathematical identities. Somewhere just over 436,117,076,900,000,000 seconds ago, the universe was just one second old. That second was part of Notation-143. That number may look to be impossibly small, however the numbers can be checked here ( https://81018.com/universeclock/ ) and the generation of each is here here ( https://81018.com/chart/#202 ). Every second and place in this universe has a very unique Planck Time-and-Planck Length, as well as Planck Mass-and-Planck Charge signature. There are continuity equations that bind everything, including you from the beginning to now, as you. Here is a key part of your identity — the most essential — about which you are probably unaware. Max Tegmark of MIT tells us that that the universe is mathematical, yet here we take it a bit further. We’re actually trying to grasp the mathematics!

Symmetry functions originating from sphere stacking.  Every possible geometry from the most simple to the most complex, becomes an essential structure for a totally mathematical and geometrical universe. In this model, we can begin to see how every moment, every particle, and every preparticle has its own unique mathematical identity and there is continuity from its first emergence right to the present moment.

Note: This paragraph will be reviewed often, and expanded, and re-written until these formative thoughts become more robust.

The very nature of identity appears to have its essence in the earliest notations, yet not until Notation-202 does identity per se appear to manifest.  People are about having an identity!  And, that begs the question, “Is the concresence of the first 201 notations, every nuance  and development, necessary for the unfolding of life, humans, individuals with self-identity? Does the asymmetry of Notation-202 (it is still unfolding and appears directional)  part of  the burden-and-rejuvenation of sleep?”  The simple answer appears to be, “Yes.”  Further, the most complex answers will argue how specific notations concresce and are forever dynamic.

Editor’s note:  Much more work is needed. I kindly request your patience.  -BEC

A Review of  Groups within the 202 notations

  • Notations 1-10 Forms  Historically we turned to Plato’s Eidos and more recently we’ve turned to the Langlands programs, automorphic forms, bifurcation theory, sphere-stacking, Fourier transforms, Poincaré’s spheres, Lorentz transformations, binary ops, scalar fields, point-free geometries and more…
  • Notations 11-20: Structures  Historically, many turn to Aristotle and the concept of the Ousia. Today, we are more likely to turn to Ed Witten and his concepts of strings, axiomatic set theory, and the ZermeloFraenkel set theory.
  • Notations 21-30: Substances  Complexity, topos theory, aether,
  • Notations 31-40: Qualities  Point-free geometries, foundations of values-ethics
  • Notations 41-50: Relations  Leibniz-relations-
  • Notations 51-60: Systems, the Mind, Consciousness  Systems theory – As Notations-51-to-60 manifest for the very first time as space-time and mass-energy, consciousness as we understand it is not present in this universe. Yet, systems should readily begin to emerge both defined now by Langlands programs, string theory, systems theory.  It is not until 13.81 billion years has passed, and just now the most recent 400,000 years of Notation-202, that consciousness as we understand it today would have unfolded.  It appears that the functionality of Notations-51-to-60 changes with every micro-second of the universe. Systems are changing even this moment (much more to come and a whole lot of editing).
  • Notations 61-70: Pre-particles, Particles and Waves  quantum theory – incompleteness – imperfections – probability – quarks – qluons
  • Notations 71-80: Periodic Table of Elements  gamma wavelengths, tunneling,
  • Notations 81-134: The elements for life and light
  • Notations 135-201: On the path to the first second between Notations 143-and-144, the large-scale structure formation at about Notation-196.
  • Notation-202:  Only in the current notation would any thing be required to sleep.
    1. Sleep as a recompile within the infinite
      Consider a reboot of the the computer or even an iPhone as an example
    2. What is life? Going back to the first four paragraphs….

Life is an integration of all 202 notations.

Please drop me a note with your comments and questions.  Thank you. -BEC

Advice? Please send along your comments or questions.

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