Seven Reasons To Look More Deeply

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The Chart of Numbers
A Highly-Integrated View of the Universe: Pictured are 72 of the 202 notations (doublings) from the Planck base units to the Age of the Universe.

by Bruce Camber, November 2017

Chart (above), Still Largely Unexplored, a Model the Universe

Our chart of the 202 doublings of the Planck base units creates a natural inflation and a totally-predictive outline that appears to encompass the entire history of the universe within a highly-integrated mathematical grid.

1. Numbers: Is Everything-Everywhere-For-All-Time Within This Functional Mathematical Grid?
Although nobody is claiming that this is a theory of everything, this chart of numbers necessarily-logically-and-simply includes everything, everywhere for all time throughout the known and unknown universe, all within 202 doublings from the Planck base units. Some have said this chart of numbers is just numbers. No, it’s a bit more. It’s integrative. Numbers-functions-logic work together throughout all 202 doublings. Though we’ve had  self doubts over the years, we were intuitive believers right from the beginning of this project back in December 2011. And now, that we have asked some of the best scholars in the world and nobody has found fault with its simple logic (just that it is idiosyncratic), we are encouraged and a bit more confident.  More…

2. Functions: Mathematical And Geometric Functions Build Within-And-Throughout Each Other
From the first notation to the 202nd notation, there is a natural progression of mathematics and geometries that bind the notations each to all the others in a myriad of formulas and definitions. An article about numbers opens this discussion. It has a long way to go.  More…

3. Logic qua logic: Simplicity is simplicity; continuity is continuity; symmetry is symmetry.
We take as a given the concept that the Planck base units (length, time, mass, and charge) are the most basic seed structures in the universe and that the activity with the 67 exponential notations to the CERN-scale is significant. It is the Wheat & Chessboard story all over again. Because Planck Charge is part of this natural inflation, there is a built-in thrust. All those initial ratios that are defined by gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force get extended within all four Planck base units. Also, the constants that define these Planck base units also get extended within each notation. So, the speed of light (or special relativity), the gravitational constant (or general relativity), the reduced Planck constant (or ħ or quantum mechanics), the Coulomb constant (or ε0 or electric charge or electromagnetism), and the Boltzmann constant (or kB or of temperature) all will generate numbers and become the mechanisms by which we test this model.

Yes, if our most simple logic begins with the Planck base units, that logic should continue in some manner of speaking right through to the 202nd notation. There have been many attempts to break through and find the seed structure just below the 67th notation  (the CERN-scale).  Scholars have tried special definitions of strings and quarks. Langlands has tried with his automorphic forms and  programs. Yang-Mills tried with their equations. Even the scalar field theorists came up short.

They all come up short because they have not fully engaged the Planck units.  More…

4. Bridges: Finite-infinite Bridges Are Being Built By Special Groups Of Numbers
The incommensurables, the transcendentals, and the irrational numbers come alive throughout the 202 notations within equations that define everything-everywhere-throughout-all-time plus these numbers are non-ending and non-repeating. None are finite. We reserved the definition of the word, infinite, for them. These numbers are marked by continuity (never-ending) and a symmetry (always the same) and asymmetry (never-repeating). Two additional classes of numbers, fundamental physical constants and mathematical constants, add dimensionality to the definition of these bridges.  More

5. The Universe: Tessellated-And-Tiled With Geometries With Base-2 Functionality:
Sphere to tetrahedron-octahedron coupletThis project began in a high school geometry class where we studied embedded, nested, and combinatoric geometries.  In the first notations, pi gives us the circles and spheres that give rise to the tetrahedrons.  The tetrahedral-octahedral cluster was our starting point. These two objects are self-defining. Within a tetrahedron are four half-sized tetrahedrons and one octahedron. With an octahedron are six half-sized octahedrons and eight tetrahedrons. Going larger or smaller these progressions tile the universe and create symmetry functions within every one of the 202 notations.  More…

6. Light: Planck Time Is Defined By Planck Length Divided By Light Throughout All 202 Notations.
cLight is redefined well beyond the visible spectrum and well beyond the current dialogue within scholarly science today. Nevertheless, the equation works throughout all 202 notations and opens new categories within the study of light.  As fundamental as light has been, within thin this chart, it is even more fundamental, perhaps even more fundamental than Einstein’s famous old equation, e=mc2.  It is the season for light.  More…

7. Ethics: Continuity-Symmetry-Harmony are the core of this chart of the Universe.
The three concepts best describe the most simple logic and the extension of that logic throughout the chart. Mapped to a grid, here appears to be the basis of a natural ethics. More…

There are many more reasons to look more deeply:
•  Natural inflation
• The thrust of the universe
•  Analysis of six Planck doublings somewhat evenly spaced throughout the 202 notations.

It is still a challenge.

The most disconcerting and far-reaching implications of this model come out of our studies of our understanding of space-and-time. It would appear that nothing is past. Every thought-word-and-deed, everything that we think is “in the past,” is actually an active imprint on an active universe with 202 always-active notations. To date, the best synopsis of this intellectual stretch was perhaps a New Year’s Eve countdown article.  More
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Why now? Why haven’t we seen this model until now?