A Tribute To Courage, Freedom and Chaos

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Yes, Veterans Day is included within our exponential universe.

Our Response to Barack Obama’s email received this morning, November 11, 2017

We all need to celebrate Veterans Day.

Aggression and war are all based on stupidity,
small views, and oversized egos with no inherent value structure.
We all need a better system of valuation that is inherent within the universe (2).

You know the world better than most and you know how limited most of us are.
At one time the old Weltanschauung was a big thing. Yet, think about it,
worldviews are truncated by definition, much too small for a scientific people.
Now we all need an integrated universe view (3).

I’m serious. In 1957 Kees Boeke (Holland) used base-10;
and today, at the National Air and Space Museum you can travel
his Cosmic View (4), a tour from a particle to the galaxies in 40 steps.
If we use base-2 we discover a universe from Planck Time to the current time
and it includes “everything, everywhere for-all-time.”  It’s 3.333 times more
granular, begins at the beginning of time and comes up to the Now in just
202 steps, or doublings, or notations.  It’s just simple math, but so much more.
We all need to learn that about our exponential universe and exponential body (5).

Most people haven’t a clue.
You’re smart.
You should be preaching it for us!
Simple logic, simple math and simple concepts make up the bedrock of our universe.
If you look into it, and you think so, please do not hesitate to call.

Be well,

PS. Endnotes
1. Letter received this morning: https://www.obama.org/updates/email-president-obama-veterans/
2. My simple chart comes out of my small business days:  https://81018.com/ethics
3. We only started working on this integrated universe view in 2011.
It all started in a New Orleans high school geometry class. http://81018.com
4. Cosmic View goes to a Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_View
Although the first limited universe view, not enough meaning has every been pulled out of it. The best work on the power of ten is by Nobel laureate Gerard t’Hooft and Stefan Vandoren: https://www.amazon.com/Time-Powers-Ten-Phenomena-Timescales/dp/9814489816
5. Our exponential universehttps://81018.com/exponential-universe

Please note: The URL for this page is https://81018.com/veteransday


Big Board-little universe: First Model (2011-2013)

1a. The first chart, a STEM tool December 2011
1b. The very first introduction and overview: January 2012
1c. The first attempt to write an article about it (September 2012)
1d. Requests (email) to our academics-scholars-scientists for help

Key Homepages:


An Integrated UniverseView (self-doubts, 2014)

2a. A second chart: The Universe Table
2b. Parsing the issues involved: 15 Key Insights
2c. Raising questions in light of current scientific problems

Key homepage:

Neil Turok takes down
Stephen Hawking

Quiet Expansion (Systems-Systems, 2015-2016)

3a. The third chart (vertically-scrolled): Planck base units from 202 to 1
3b. Parsing the issues involved: 15 Key Insights
3c. The first 64 doublings are the Wheat & Chessboard story.

Key Homepage:

On the Nature
of Space and Time

Exponential Universe (2017-

4a. The fourth chart (horizontally scrolled): Planck base units 1 to 202
4b. NASA’s Space App Challenge and Hackathon
4c. The Universe Clock
4d. Speculations & Summaries: Small Scale, Human Scale, Large Scale
4e. “Exponential universe” becomes an expression.
4f.  202 Doublings of the Planck Base Units

Another homepage:


It is all a work-in-process.

5a. Measuring an Expanding Universe Using Planck Units (first draft)
5b. The Thrust of the Universe: What is it? (working draft)
5c. Visualizing the Universe (working draft)
5d. On the Nature of Space and Time, July 4, 2017
5e. Concepts to grasp a simple model of the Universe
5f. We live in an Exponential Universe!

Key Page of Simple Numbers:

Chart from Planck units
to the Age of the Universe


The Universe to the Milky Way to our Solar System to Earth to 500 East 4th St. #484, Austin, TX 78701