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Simulate the big bang without a bang!

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra with Carlos Miguel Prieto, Music Director & Conductor

Dear Robin and Jimmy,

Dinner at Lüke’s was a delicious prequel to Carlos Miguel Prieto‘s evening with our beloved symphony and their effort to capture the spirit of Halloween.

Over dinner, among other things, we had been talking about my work on the base-2 simple model (chart) of the universe.  It is practical-simple-logical data (praxis) in search of a proper interpretation (theoria).  

My first attempt to interpret the numbers is a bit bold, but in these days we all need to be bold.  There is too much insanity whirling around us and all people are in need of a more simple, gracious understanding of this universe and our role within it.

Although tonight’s music may have been a bit ghoulish, music at its best is transcendent. It takes us out of space and time and into moments of perfection. Perhaps that should be the goal of all music composition and production.

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, C.M. Prieto

Back to our discussion: When I look at all those numbers within the chart, I observe that it is the big bang without the bang (hear that clash of cymbals).  It actually simulates the epochs of the universe that have been defined by big bang scientists since 1927! That’s when the Belgian-born, Georges Lemaître published the earliest concepts that eventually opened up to a big bang theory.

The base-2 simple model is what would be called a natural inflation. The simple doubling of the Planck base units renders many surprises.  First, there are just 202 notations (or doublings) in total to cover the 13.8 billion years of our universe.  Just 202!  In this model, you can actually watch the numbers grow in every one of those 202+ notations.

It is totally predictive and it stands out with its raw data asking to be tested.

In second paragraph of last week’s blog I cited reasons for the oversight of the academic community.  Every week now, I’ll be writing about the chart for secondary schools where it all began.  Soon, I’ll be writing another blog that pointedly interprets the data, especially the first 67 notations which have never been addressed per se by the scholarly community.  It will be the introduction to what I believe will become a hypostatic science because it provides the foundations for the rest of science.  That truly will be my theory!

Enough with this note!  Just let me say, “Thanks again for a wonderful evening together.”

Warmest regards,


PS. There are many posts here and within my LinkedIn account about the chart. The most recent, “Is the big bang imploding” is another summary. (opens in a new window)

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